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Yuejin 4 * 2 small refrigerated truck factory priceYuejin 4 * 2 small refrigerated truck factory priceYuejin 4 * 2 small refrigerated truck factory priceYuejin 4 * 2 small refrigerated truck factory price

Yuejin 4 * 2 small refrigerated truck factory price

  • Product Name: Yuejin 4 * 2 small refrigerated truck factory price
  • Curb weight: 4900 (kg)
  • Overall dimension: 6180 × 2200 × 3020 (mm)
  • Insulated compartment box dimension and material:4150×2010×1900 / FRP panel+PU foam
  • Transmission: 5 forward and 1 reverse
  • Engine model: GC-80 TM450-02 YHP
  • Cabin: 3 people, LHD / RHD
  • Tire specifications: 7.00-16LT, 7.00R16LT
  • Cooling unit: Songhan,Hanxue,Bingsen,Hana,Carrier,Thermo King and more other options.
  • Cooling unit type:independent and non-independent cooling unit option
Yuejin 4 * 2 small refrigerated truck factory price:


Product name Yuejin 4 * 2 small refrigerated truck factory price
model chassis NJ1071GTEVJ
Tank Capacity /
The size of the tank (Mm) 4150 × 2010 × 1900
cockpit seat 3
Gross Weight (kg) 7350
Curb Weight (kg) 4900
Dimensions (mm) 6180 × 2200 × 3020
Max Speed ​​(km / h) 90
axle load (kg) 2600/4750
front back track (mm) 1680/1586
front back suspension (mm) 1200/1680
Wheel base (mm) 3300
Tire No. 6
Spec tire. 7.00-16LT, 7.00R16LT
Engine model: GC-TM450-02
Displacement (ml) 2596
Power (kW) 60
Horse Power 80hp

Front is enclosed refrigerated trucks used for transporting frozen or fresh, the refrigeration unit is equipped with a refrigeration unit and polyurethane insulation car refrigerated transport vehicle, which is commonly used in transporting refrigerated food (chilled trucks), dairy products (milk truck), fruits and vegetables (fresh produce truck), drug vaccine (vaccine truck) and the like.

trucks cooled by a dedicated car undercarriages chassis, the case insulation (usually made of polyurethane FRP materials, composition, color steel, stainless steel, etc.), Refrigerating system compartment temperature recorders and other components for special vehicle requirements, such as meat hooks, meat hooks vehicles may be installed in the middle, aluminum rails, slots and other ENTILATION attached files.     


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Product details:
refrigeration unit into an independent organization non-independent refrigeration units and refrigeration units. domestic and imported units and other units. Usually, the external cooler models are used, few car mini fridge with built-in cooler. To meet the requirements of low-temperature refrigerated trucks, refrigeration cabinets can be taken to the plate (functionally equivalent to the evaporator).

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