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Suction sewage truck Dongfeng DLK 2.74m3,Dongfeng DLK factory priceSuction sewage truck Dongfeng DLK 2.74m3,Dongfeng DLK factory priceSuction sewage truck Dongfeng DLK 2.74m3,Dongfeng DLK factory priceSuction sewage truck Dongfeng DLK 2.74m3,Dongfeng DLK factory price

Suction sewage truck Dongfeng DLK 2.74m3,Dongfeng DLK factory price

  • Product name:Suction sewage truck Dongfeng DLK 2.74m3
  • Curb weight:5200(Kg)
  • Oversize:7210×2240×2600(mm)
  • Tank capacity & material:2.74m3   & Q235A
  • Gear box: 5 forward & 1 reverse
  • Engine model: YC4E140-42 140 YHP
  • Cab:3 persons,LHD/RHD
  • Tire spec :8.25-16 12PR,8.25R16 12PR

Suction sewage truck Dongfeng DLK 2.74m3:

suction sewage truck


Product name Suction sewage truck Dongfeng DLK 2.74m3
Chassis model DFA1080SJ12D3
Tank capacity 2.74m3
Tank size (mm) 2100x1400
Cab seat 2
Gross weight(kg) 8275
Curb weight(kg) 5200
Dimension(mm) 7210×2240×2600
Max speed(km/h) 99
Axle load(kg) 3310/4965
Front/Back track(mm) 1845/1680
Front/Back suspension(mm) 1210/2200
Wheel base(mm) 3800
Tire No. 6
Tire Spec. 8.25-16 12PR,8.25R16 12PR
Engine Model: YC4E140-42
Displacement(ml) 4260
Power(kw) 103
Horse Power 140

                   Suction sewage truck to collect, clean up transit transport sludge, sewage, sanitation vehicles to avoid new secondary pollution, Sewage suction truck can be self-priming from the row, work fast, large capacity, easy to transport, suitable for collection and transportation of liquid fecal matter, mud, oil and the like. Sewage suction truck using domestic technology-leading vacuum suction sewage truck, suction, suction away, Particularly suitable for pumping sewage sludge within the, shipping and disposing, especially can absorb sewage mud, silt, gravel, bricks and other large objects.

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Relevant models:
Suction sewage truck dedicated in part by the PTO, shaft, vacuum sewage suction pump, pressure tank, hydraulic parts, systems, and vacuum gauge, depending on the dung windows, hand-washing devices and other components, vehicle configuration power vacuum sewage quality hydraulic pumps and systems, Tank closure of casting the first time, after the tank can be opened Double Top dump. Dirt tank can be dumped through the back cover, high vacuum (suction truck suction greater than), large tonnage, high efficiency, use a wider range of features.


Production workshop
Sewage suction trucks by oil-water separator, moisture separator, hydraulic dump devices, special vacuum sewage pump, volume gauge, suction catheter material, gravity valve, vacuum tank, connected (depending on the dung window), automatic anti overflow valves, hydraulic kit

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