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SSF 5.51m3  fuel tank truck,SSF 142HP 1m3  fuel tank truckSSF 5.51m3  fuel tank truck,SSF 142HP 1m3  fuel tank truckSSF 5.51m3  fuel tank truck,SSF 142HP 1m3  fuel tank truckSSF 5.51m3  fuel tank truck,SSF 142HP 1m3  fuel tank truck

SSF 5.51m3 fuel tank truck,SSF 142HP 1m3 fuel tank truck

  • Product name:SSF 5.51m3  fuel tank truck
  • Curb weight:3850 (Kg)
  • Oversize:5990×2095×2500(mm)
  • Tank capacity & material:  5m³  & Q235A
  • Gear box: 5 forward & 1 reverse
  • Engine model: ISF3.8s4141 142 HP
  • Cab:2 persons,LHD/RHD
  • Tire spec :7.00R16
  • Features: Very cheap price and suitable for short distance oil transport and refueling on roadside as a mobile fueling station.And generally speaking,you can earn the money of the vehicle cost within one year.
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SSF 5.51m3  fuel tank truck:
SSF 5.51m3  fuel tank truck


Product name SSF 5.51m3  fuel tank truck
Chassis model SSF1071P82K5C2Z
Tank capacity 5.51m³
Tank size (mm) 3200×1900×1250
Cab seat 2
Gross weight(kg) 8280
Curb weight(kg) 4405
Dimension(mm) 5990×2095×2500
Max speed(km/h) 80
Axle load(kg) 840/5440
Front/Back track(mm) 1441/1466
Front/Back suspension(mm) 1105/1577
Wheel base(mm) 3308
Tire No. 6
Tire Spec. 7.00R16
Engine Model: YC4FA115-40
Displacement(ml) 2771
Power(kw) 2982
Horse Power 115

      I produced the plus (Win) oil truck series products are mainly used in petrochemical sector all kinds of oil, Chemical liquid transport, with oil, pump oil, many oil equipment, sub-release function. Independent sub-positions, Divided into different oil products, chemicals, food. It enables the design of the pump into the pump out over the table, Pump inlet, pump out, but the table, Gravity over the table, but tables and other functions. All types of tankers are used mature domestic original chassis modifications, Users can bring their own chassis to various types of plant modifications.


SSF 5.51m3  fuel tank truckSSF 5.51m3  fuel tank truckSSF 5.51m3  fuel tank truckSSF 5.51m3  fuel tank truck

Workshop show:
   Our company are professional manufacturer in truck area, guarantee all goods Brand-New and China-Origined. We can provide you all series tank Trucks and Price. 
1.Tank materials: Optional for carbon steel, stainless steel, rotational lining plastic, and FRP; 
2.Tank shape: Optional for round square, oval, and round; 
3.Functions: The tank can be made to be made to be separated chambers to load different oil or chemical varieties .and can be designed as as pump-in and pump-out through measurement; 
4.Oil pump:Optional single counting, double counting, and tax control tanker; 
5.Pump: According to the use of tankers, can choose centrifugal pumps, gear pump, copper gear pump, stainless steel pump, it has big flow,fast speed of suction and some other characteristics. 

Product details of the plan:
(1) Fuel tanker truck is mainly used for all kinds of oil,such as gasoline, diesel and so on.  Alcohol, chemical material can be also transported by this tank.

(2) The tank is made by high-quality carbon steel, manufactured in accordance with international standards,  the appearance can be ellipse or cylindrical.

(3) We adopt advanced butt welding technology to make tank.  So that the tanks has the characteristics of high strength, stablity, safety, etc.


(4) Thickness can be: 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm. 

(5) Drive type can be RHD & LHD

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Hubei Changjie Special Purpose Vehicle Co,.Ltd


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