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Dongfeng trucks blasting equipment manufacturers priceDongfeng trucks blasting equipment manufacturers priceDongfeng trucks blasting equipment manufacturers priceDongfeng trucks blasting equipment manufacturers price

Dongfeng trucks blasting equipment manufacturers price

  • Product Name:Dongfeng trucks blasting equipment manufacturers price
  • Empty weight: 4900 (kg)
  • Large: 6180 × 2200 × 3020 (mm)
  • Fuel tank capacity and material: / and Q235A
  • Transmission: 5 forward and 1 reverse
  • Engine model: GC-80 TM450-02 YHP
  • Cabin: 3 people, LHD / RHD
  • Tire specifications: 7.00-16LT, 7.00R16LT
Dongfeng trucks blasting equipment manufacturers price:


Product name Dongfeng trucks blasting equipment manufacturers price
model chassis DFL1071GTEVJ
Tank Capacity /
The size of the tank (Mm) 4150 × 2010 × 1900
cockpit seat 3
Gross Weight (kg) 7350
Curb Weight (kg) 4900
Dimensions (mm) 6180 × 2200 × 3020
Max Speed ​​(km / h) 90
axle load (kg) 2600/4750
front back track (mm) 1680/1586
front back suspension (mm) 1200/1680
Wheel base (mm) 3300
Tire No. 6
Spec tire. 7.00-16LT, 7.00R16LT
Engine model: GC-TM450-02
Displacement (ml) 2596
Power (kW) 60
Horse Power 80

   Explosion-proof car title blasting equipment, vehicles, With the increase of the degree of industrialization, Safety requirements for environmental protection are increasingly high. Explosion-proof vehicles have been away from the original plate transport, And instead transport van. Now developed a series of blasting equipment truck is based on the relevant ministries of blasting equipment transport specifications and user requirements of development and production.



Related models:
Envelope is double metal skeleton structure, Externally rolled steel sheet, The inside wall of the aluminum alloy plate masked, Flame-retardant materials for the interlayer insulation padding. Settings on the door, To install blast-resistant container to open the side door, Sidewall features natural ventilation window rain function, Bottom covered with flame retardant antistatic plastic sheet, ensure safety. Inside the box front and side with fixed ring-pull, Using bundled with bundled with the goods in order to avoid movement.

product details:
   Is a dedicated device being measured within a fire compartment, Mounted on the top of the compartment, Smoke when a fire occurs, In cabs beep alarm, Ensure timely elimination of danger.

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