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Dongfeng truck factory price of foodDongfeng truck factory price of foodDongfeng truck factory price of foodDongfeng truck factory price of food

Dongfeng truck factory price of food

  • Product name:Dongfeng truck factory price of food
  • Curb weight: 8005(Kg)
  • Oversize:9000×2450×3800 (mm)
  • Tank capacity & material:  15-18m³   & Q235A
  • Gear box: 5 forward & 1 reverse
  • Engine model: ISDe210 40  210HP
  • Cab:3 persons,LHD/RHD
  • Tire spec & No.:10.00-20,10.00R20,9.00-20,9.00R20

Dongfeng truck factory price of food:


Bulk food truck can dump bulk grain self-priming, By carrying high pressure air, Bulk grain may be sucked from the car, Rice wheat lessons not only for good results, Of large particles bulk grain such as corn, Also can be a good draw. Self-priming car a car just 30-40 minutes 10 tons of food. And is transported by the wind, For rice and other broken shell will not cause other damage, Can effectively guarantee the paddy rice yield. The car can quickly dump, The bottom of the grain tank is equipped with dump cylinder, You can quickly dump bulk grain, Emptied a few minutes.

Bulk grain truck only one person can operate, Good saves labor, But also can save packaging costs, Reducing transport costs. At the same time the car self-priming speed is quite fast, Loading faster than the conveyor belt, And the acquisition cost of each purchase than a granary forklift cheaper. It is the most advanced and practical way to transport a grain.


Product name Dongfeng truck factory price of food
Chassis model DFL1160BX5
Tank capacity 15-18m³
Tank size (mm) 6050×2400×1900
Cab seat 3
Gross weight(kg) 16000
Curb weight(kg) 8005
Dimension(mm) 9000×2450×3800
Max speed(km/h) 90
Axle load(kg) 6000/10000
Front/Back track(mm) 1920/1860
Front/Back suspension(mm) 1430/2570
Wheel base(mm) 5000
Tire No. 6
Tire Spec. 10.00-20,10.00R20,9.00-20,9.00R20,275/80R22.5 16PR
Engine Model: ISDe210 40
Displacement(ml) 6700
Power(kw) 155
Horse Power 210

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At the same time can be installed in the bulk grain truck grain suction mouth a hand car, Drying yard for drying food can be a good draw, Faster than manual also saves manpower.

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