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Dongfeng 95HP small fire truck,Dongfeng 3300 small fire truckDongfeng 95HP small fire truck,Dongfeng 3300 small fire truckDongfeng 95HP small fire truck,Dongfeng 3300 small fire truckDongfeng 95HP small fire truck,Dongfeng 3300 small fire truck

Dongfeng 95HP small fire truck,Dongfeng 3300 small fire truck

  • Product name:Dongfeng 95HP small fire truck
  • Curb weight: 4500(Kg)
  • Oversize:7050×2200×2500 (mm)
  • Tank capacity & material: 5m3   & Q235A
  • Gear box: 5 forward & 1 reverse
  • Engine model:   CY4SK251  95HP
  • Cab:3 persons,LHD/RHD
  • Tire spec :8.25R20 14PR,245/70R19.5

Dongfeng 95HP small fire truck:

Dongfeng 95HP small fire truck

Product name Dongfeng five tons fire sprinkler Chinese suppliers price 
Chassis model EQ1110SJ8BDC
Tank capacity 9m3
Tank size (mm) 4200×1950×1200
Cab seat 3
Gross weight(kg) 11450
Curb weight(kg) 4500
Dimension(mm) 7050×2200×2500
Max speed(km/h) 103
Axle load(kg) 4580/6870
Front/Back track(mm) 1745/1620
Front/Back suspension(mm) 1150/2100
Wheel base(mm) 3800
Tire No. 6
Tire Spec. 8.25R20 14PR,245/70R19.5
Engine Model: CY4SK251
Displacement(ml) 3856
Power(kw) 115
Horse Power 160

                 Compared with the sprinkler fire sprinkler, inherited the full functionality of the sprinkler, But also to make up for the sprinkler range of small, pressure and other issues. In addition to equipment fire sprinkler fire pumps and equipment, it also has a larger capacity water storage tank and water guns, water cannons and so on. Water may be delivered to firefighters and fire independent fire fighting. It can also be directly from the water absorbent to fight the blaze, or to other fire engines and fire-fighting water injection device. Superior fire features: because there is no fire equipment boxes, chassis height and width of the vehicle is more adapted to the mountains, towns, rural roads, forest fire, towns and villages firefighting favorable fire tools.

Dongfeng 95HP small fire truckDongfeng 95HP small fire truckDongfeng 95HP small fire truckDongfeng 95HP small fire truck

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             Fire sprinkler installation fire engine dedicated fire pump, fire guns, fire power take off. After the tank with a working platform, Platform installation green watering guns, watering can full rotation gun, after sprinkle with a pediment, with side spray, continuous tone into DC-like, mist, rain, rain, drizzle, with safety barriers. Top of the tank installation of fire water cannons. Interface with the fire, through fire hydrant water, with gravity valve, fire green reel.

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