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Dongfeng 4x2 total 4000L volume dry powder foam combined fire engines for saleDongfeng 4x2 total 4000L volume dry powder foam combined fire engines for saleDongfeng 4x2 total 4000L volume dry powder foam combined fire engines for sale

Dongfeng 4x2 total 4000L volume dry powder foam combined fire engines for sale

  • Product name:Dongfeng dry powder foam combined fire engines
  • Curb weight:10200(Kg)
  • Oversize:8250×2500×3400(mm)
  • Water tank:2000L
  • Foam tank:885L
  • Dry powder tank:1000L
  • Gear box: 6-speed & 1 reverse
  • Engine model: ISDe185 30, 185hp
  • Cab: 2+4 seats with four doors,LHD/RHD option
  • Tire spec :10.00-20,10.00R20
  • Fire pump:CB10/40
  • Fire monitor: water and foam fire monitor,dry powder fire monitor
  • Range:》55 meters

Dongfeng 4x2 dry powder foam combined fire engines

Parameters of dry powder foam combined fire engine

Product name Dongfeng dry powder foam combined fire engines
Chassis model EQ1141KJ
Tank capacity 2000lts water tank,885lts foam tank,1000lts dry powder tank
Tank size (mm) 1340×1300×1150mm / 700×1100×1150mm / 1010×1262mm(diameter x height)
Cab seat 2+4
Gross weight(kg) 14650
Curb weight(kg) 10200
Dimension(mm) 8250×2500×3400
Max speed(km/h) 90
Axle load(kg) 4650/10000
Front/Back track(mm) 1940/ 1860
Front/Back suspension(mm) 1205/2375
Wheel base(mm) 4500
Tire No. 6
Tire Spec. 7.00-16LT 8PR,7.00R16LT 8PR
Engine Model: ISDe185 30
Displacement(ml) 6700
Power(kw) 136
Horse Power 185hp
  • Dongfeng dry powder-foam combined fire engine is designed and manufactured by we company, using Dongfeng brand original chassis modification, with beautiful appearance, durable, mainly for fighting A fire, B fire, C fire, is a large enterprise, armed police fire, Ideal for private enterprises fire engines.

    The equipment and fire extinguishing agent is a combination of foam fire truck and dry powder fire truck, which can simultaneously spray different fire extinguishing agent, can also be used alone. Apply to combustible gas. Flammable liquids, organic solvents and electrical equipment, and general fires.

    The total volume of the tank: 3.885 cubic meters, water tank capacity: 2.0 cubic meters, tank size: 1340 × 1300 × 1150mm, foam tank capacity: 0.885 cubic meters, foam tank size: 700 × 1100 × 1150mm, M3, dry powder canister size (diameter × height): 1010 × 1262mm. Only use ISDe185 30 type engine, the extension: 170mm.

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Main Features and Advantages:

(1)  Fire truck generally consist of steel ladder, water gun, portable fire extinguisher, self-contained breathing apparatus, protective garment, forcible          entry tool, first-aid tools etc. Partly with water tank, water pump, foam extinguisher equippment.
(2)  Equipped with fire pump, PTO, storage compartment, long-line lights and fire monitor.
(3)  It can be divided into water tank fire truck, foam fire truck, pumper fire truck, poder fire truck, elevating platform fire truck, aerial ladder fire truck  etc.
(4)  Working principle: the body as a whole square tube steel structure, stainless steel water of a tank. The front section for the pumping station, the centra  l part of the water of a tank, the rear of the equipment box, made of aluminum alloy assembly framework, classification clamping equipment, good looks. Each of the φ135mm the intake, through four suction pipe at the top of the body from the water absorbent on both sides of the car. Four outlet of the pump is located on both sides of the pumping station is equipped with a φ80 the demand valve to control water.

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