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30 ~ 35m3 chemical truck,China Chemical truck factory price30 ~ 35m3 chemical truck,China Chemical truck factory price30 ~ 35m3 chemical truck,China Chemical truck factory price30 ~ 35m3 chemical truck,China Chemical truck factory price

30 ~ 35m3 chemical truck,China Chemical truck factory price

  • Product name:30 ~ 35m3 chemical truck
  • Curb weight: 9750(Kg)
  • Oversize: 10000×2500×3700(mm)
  • Tank capacity & material:30-35m³ & Q235A
  • Gear box: /
  • Engine model: /HP
  • Cab:/
  • Tire spec & No.:12R22.5 12PR,11.00R20 12PR

30 ~ 35m3 chemical truck:

1. It generally consists of LPG tank body made of Q235A, axle, tires, landing leg, traction pin, double valve box, irony dash board, saftey valve, liquidometer, extinguisher tool, toolbox, anti-static tape, spare wheel carrier, splash guard.


2. It can be used to transport liquid ammonia, liquid sulfur dioxide, propene, propane, Lpg, dimethyl ether, n-butane etc.


3. It can be devided into 24m3, 44.2m3, 47m3, 50m3, 54.7m3, 56m3, 60m3, according to tank capacity. And 2 axles, 3 axles according to axle NO.


4. We adopt  advanced scientific process strictly to make sure that trailer is good quality with the lowest shrinkage and the highest dimensional stability at low temperature.


Product name 30 ~ 35m3 chemical truck
Chassis model /
Tank capacity 30-35m³
Tank size (mm) 9700×220
Cab seat /
Gross weight(kg) 40000
Curb weight(kg) 9750
Dimension(mm) 10000×2500×3700
Max speed(km/h) /
Axle load(kg) 0/24000(并装三轴)
Front/Back track(mm) 0/1840/1840/1840
Front/Back suspension(mm) 0/1400
Wheel base(mm) 4700+1310+1310
Tire No. 12
Tire Spec. 12R22.5 12PR,11.00R20 12PR
Engine Model: /
Displacement(ml) /
Power(kw) /
Horse Power /

Chemical trucks polyethylene rotational molding machine with a large one integrally molding production, It has no seams, No leakage, Non-toxic, Anti-aging, Impact, preservative, Long life and other characteristics, It is safe, Efficient transport equipment corrosion.

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