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what are the specific repair methods of Dung sucking front axle fault

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-25

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When driving on the ever triumphant dung sucking, front axle of wear will happen, so in the process of daily driving, should be clearly related repair method, to ensure the normal operation of auto. Of course, at the time of the maintenance process, should according to the wear condition analysis. If wear beyond the limit, so at this time you can choose set set of methods for correction. If is the deformation of the front axle case, you should to inspection. Normally, the commonly used inspection method, main is to choose square test. 

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The ever triumphant company performance, the relevant data in the measurement, the tool selection, should choose professional tools. And check on the front axle, should be clearly relevant correction method. When the front axle deformation, should consider location hole and leaf spring, mainly to prevent holes from wear and tear. In addition, on the steering knuckle axis wear maintenance, should check bearing related matters needing attention at this time.
And in the process of operation, should also to see the relevant specifications, clearly related matters needing attention.