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water truck sprinkler width reasons for the decrease

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-22

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Here by means of sprinkler width at work pediment, sprinkle, spray side three functional parts, these points when sanitation sprinkler or conservation sites use more, will be used when a small number of flower beds on both sides of the road greening is the most important of several major functions. Many users in the car after one year (especially in winter when used) to reflect, to a large extent reduce the sprinkler width What is the reason?

This phenomenon is not a malfunction caused by reasons, but mostly he did not maintain good cause. Do not do the following:

1. Why say after the winter, which is a focus. Some users after use, do not pay attention to water in the pump have not drained after the water freezes in the cold pump pumps the cracking, caused when a slight seepage, can not be used directly after severe cold break. Just think, when the pump each functional element is greatly reduced water pressure, how well the previous ideal sprinkler width, not good maintenance is an important cause of a large number of users to buy the sprinkler pump.

2. pay attention to the quality of water in water is a major cause. Sometimes pieces of gravel. Impurities into the pump, when minor impurities to filter plugging point, severe internal wheel might break, not a long time to clean up and cause blockages wheel seal will reduce the pressure decreases, the function decreases, sprinkler width below standard.

Concrete pump maintenance requirements refer to: sprinkler pump operation and maintenance tips

3. Effect of the tank. If too many impurities, or when the sprinkler has been without water tank, a large amount of rust cause pipe blockage will have some influence.

4. Each conduit connections are not sealed, larger water seepage, in general, a sprinkler pipe directly affect the front member function. Water seepage immediately with green tape or sealant to seal.

5. If the above components are good, it is possible engine failure, lack of horsepower, the speed of the pump can not reach, the pressure is reduced. This should go to the service station for maintenance treatment.

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Just click to check the above points, you can rule out the sprinkler width good reasons for the decrease.