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water truck pump maintenance approach

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-12

China water truck for sale
CHina water truck for sale
Modern multi-purpose vehicle with a sprinkler pump centrifugal in use, a common injury: broken pump housing, shaft wear and bending, cracking impeller, bakelite washer and washer into every loss, deformation aging rubber seal, seal seat cavity wear, V pulley hub and the shaft, key and keyway with Songkuang etc. after the sprinkler pump damage occurs, will result in poor water absorption, low pressure, leaks and other failures, resulting in a diesel engine overheating, affecting the normal diesel engine work should carry out repair and maintenance:

First, the sprinkler water pump repair methods

1, the pump casing rupture can weld repair, or epoxy adhesive, the housing bore wear off very, available casement repair method, if the end face of the pump housing indoor water pits, trenches or do not usually available lathe repair.

2, shaft corrosion spots will be available tin-plate recess filled, then rounded. Shaft can wear chrome repair, bearing rotation should be flexible, no noise.

3, seal wear rubber seal aging, deformation or breakage, seal spring weakened or severe corrosion, etc. should be replaced.

Second, re-installed sprinkler pump and test:

1, sprinkler pump shaft and impeller assembly, should make up the end face of the impeller shaft hole end surface 0.10-0.50mm (refer to pump impeller with a fixed bolt) to compress again to install the gasket, tighten the fixing bolts installed in Sheung Shui seal assembly, and round lock pins.

2, the pump impeller mounted pump housing, after the end of the shaft in the bearing sleeve lock ring, and then after the bearings, spacer and front bearing successively loaded into the pump housing (some pump bearings are monolithic, the the integral bearing into the pump housing can be), and review it with the case, the last load lock ring.

3, at the front end of the shaft mounted pulley on V hub, bolted, and then loaded on the V pulleys and fan blades with a nut, then hand lock opening locks (or lock sheet).

4, installed water pump cover and liner (some pumps do not cover). Requirements between the impeller and the cover (no cover who require the impeller and the front wall of the cylinder) has 0.17-0.75mm gap.

5, water pump pulley V installed, put in the tank measuring the difference shall not exceed 1.0mm, the general thumb is: when pulling the pin impeller clearance is feeling fit.

6, front loading pump should be tested thumb is: V pulley turned by hand, there should be no jamming, blocking the water inlet of the pump housing, and then water was added to put the impeller chamber, rotating shaft, peep holes should anhydrous leaking. if the jam and water leakage, reasons should be identified to be eliminated.

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Conditions, the pump should be installed in the test bed running test done to check its displacement and whether there is water leakage (no pump test bench with a new comparison test). After testing, coping pump lubrication.