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water truck maintenance must know

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2017-03-01
Newly purchased sprinkler maintenance (1 to 4 years)

  A car sprinkler in the first two years of life is the peak of life, as long as the routine maintenance, basically no problem, but more than two years of sprinkler will begin to replace some of the most vulnerable parts.

Brake Pads:

  Sprinkler use two or three years to replace the new brake pads. When the sprinkler sent to repair, first of all to check its brake pads, because the brake pads are driving the first line of defense. According to experience, the brake shoe about two years or so will be exhausted, of course, the exact use of the driver's habits may be depending on. If you are the kind of like to step on a lot of oil, and then at the crucial time on the brakes of the brakes, brake wear will certainly be more powerful, life is relatively short.

Fuel pump:

  When the sprinkler is open for more than two years, the fuel pump is almost clean or replaced.

Shock Absorber:

  Sprinkler car to three or four years when the run may not have a new purchase of the sprinkler so smooth, encountered this situation, should check the sprinkler shock absorber. The role of the shock absorber is to reduce the vibration of the sprinkler, which is part of the suspension system. If the spring of the shock absorber is no longer flexible, it will shake very much at high speed and rain is particularly dangerous.

Use a sprinkler of 4 to 7 years

  At this time the sprinkler is like "people to middle age", a lot of things are loose, including the car within a variety of rubber tube, under the cover of the problem. Many car owners often in the car to four or five years when the beginning of the new sprinkler, there are some second-hand car buyers like to buy this car age sprinkler.

Timing belt:

  Opened about 4 years of sprinkler should pay attention to the timing of the belt is not the change, the general sprinkler in the travel of 70,000 to 100,000 kilometers, it should be sent to change the timing of the belt, if not replaced in time, sprinkler Driving to the halfway if the timing belt suddenly broke, to pay the maintenance fee of at least a few hundred dollars.

rubber tube:

  The age of the sprinkler such as maintenance is not good, leakage of black oil, water leakage problems will appear. It is very natural, rubber tube with the old, there will always be aging problems. If the sprinkler owners to maintain a good car, aging problems will occur later.

Water tank:

  5 years or so of the car, the tank may be inside the chemical corrosion, some water tankers began to leak water tank, water tank, of course, need to be replaced.

  Regularly to the sprinkler to replace the oil, filters, etc., spend a little money, you can save a lot of money, driving more secure.

7 - 10 years sprinkler

  Due to the limited life of the sprinkler, in China, the car generally to 10 years on the retired, and if properly maintained, sprinkler can be scheduled to complete the mission of health. But the sprinkler to 7 years later, to gradually enter the old age, to the "age", those in the third and fourth year replacement of small parts, almost the time to change again, such as shock absorbers.