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water truck maintenance and repair

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-21

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Summer came quietly, road sprinkler sprinkler give cool on the streets, summer sprinkler in the role of a city is very impressive, but also a sprinkler in a car belonging to consumables, from a water truck Once you start using it is worn, over time, there will be some security risks and some economic losses, which we need to maintain on a regular basis, then the sprinkler how to maintain it?

1. The water truck pump maintenance. The pump is vital for water truck, if the water truck long stop using the pump should be disassembled, cleaned well safekeeping. Rivers, ponds as a water sprinkler, pay attention to all the front end portion of the suction pipe submerged, it is strictly prohibited filtration devices to remove water, avoid inhaling debris. Different sprinkler pump water requirements are not on the same, clean water pump requires water can not have impurities, turbid water pump requires water can not have the stones and excessive sediment. Sprinkler water either before, or before the sprinkler, power take off device must be in gear when parking. In cold weather, when sprinkler pump should generally unscrew the oil drain plug, the pump reservoir release clean, so the cracking pump parts, cold winter in northern China are generally not construction, so at the end of construction, water pumps and should be immediately emptying the water in the tube, to prevent future trouble.

2. Since the water truck tank maintenance between water truck tank and sprinkler pad with wooden beams pads, each U-bolts loosening due Mukah deformation will occur after the tank truck, so the car overloaded, must be regularly tighten the U-bolts, especially the need to do this when you use a new car. Always check the fixing of sprinkler water tank, pump, bracket, and all nuts should be tightened to ensure reliable fastening connection. Shall not paint glue tank on gasoline and kerosene, paint as this will accelerate the damage. Regular checks on the quality of the paint tank, when the paint is damaged, it catches up paint to prevent rust tank. More rain in the spring, the acid rain can damage paint sprinklers, rain should develop the habit of washing and waxing. When choosing wax to note that ordinary oil, solid wax because there is no adhesion, easy stain (rain leaving watermarks) and scratch the paint, bright lasting no other shortcomings have been gradually phased out, it is best to sprinkler make a sealed glaze or coating, not only to maintain lasting bright paint, can also protect the paint from sandstorms.

3. sprinkler car chassis maintenance saying rotten rotten to the bottom, so the maintenance of sprinkler maintenance of the chassis is the most important, but few people will value this point, since the surface of the baking summer, rain invasion, and atmospheric moisture, salinity and other factors which can corrode the vehicle, so that the aging sprinkler chassis. Chassis maintenance first check the brakes, check the powertrain, transmission oil leaks, there are several major components (such as engine, transmission, rear axle) there is no leakage of oil and the like. Sprinkler chassis cleaning, especially in rainy weather, some sections of muddy roads, the chassis and the ground is the closest site, the greatest impact by road, a lot of sediment spilled on the vehicle chassis, difficult to clean, before long, it will cause chassis erosion, oxidation, rusting. So, after work is completed rain, sprinkler chassis should be cleared up, the easiest way is to spray with high pressure water jet can be on the chassis of the original sediment rinse, preferably coated with a uniform retention lasting anti-chassis rust coating.

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Car maintenance about "raising seven, three repair", in the course of the whole life of the vehicle should do regular checks, regular maintenance, there are problems early discovery, early settlement, in order to achieve security on behalf of the repair, overhaul and even life is not the purpose of