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water sprinkler truck pipe take blue smoke exhaust Reason

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-21

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water truck pipe exhaust smoke blue smoke, in fact, this is the old drivers often say "burn oil" phenomenon, which is judged one of excessive fuel consumption standards. The so-called burning oil, referring to the combustion chamber excess oil is burning phenomenon. The consequences of burning oil that makes the engine of carbon increases, so that combustion is not sufficient, power down, which may cause exposure to combustion, combustion exposed to the most serious result may cause the engine completely scrapped, may also lead to instability at idle, appears accelerated weakness, lack of engine lubrication, resulting in possible damage to the engine problems or even scrapped. So why exhaust pipes appear blue smoke is it?

1, the vehicle is still hot when the car due to the strong start throttle.

2, water truck pipe and valve wear and tear in the course of work, so that the conduit and valve before the distance is too large, in the process of intake, there are a lot of oil is combusted.

3, sprinkler use of substandard oil, or oil used for too long not replaced in time, because that is the concentration of oil is too low, incomplete combustion dictates. The solution to this problem is to replace the qualified oil.

4, cylinder and piston assembly badly worn, causing the gap is too large. When the engine work, oil will be poured into the combustion chamber from the gap, the solution is to replace the damaged parts.

5, the bottom of the oil tank too much oil, the crankshaft at high speed when the oil into the combustion chamber caused the easiest way is to always check the height of the oil, the excess oil to drain enough.

6, due to carbon piston rings stuck in the ring groove, so that it loses its elasticity, due to not work properly. The solution is that if necessary, replace the piston ring, the piston ring or removed to clear the inside of deposits.

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These are part of the problem sprinkler to take Lanyan, when the sprinkler exhaust pipe to take the blue smoke, smoke, Misty are caused by improper combustion, this should attract attention, early detection and maintenance and timely replacement, repair damaged parts, so that it can make a good sprinkler engine life