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to develop good driving habits can fuel dump truck

  • Author:changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-20

1, according to the dump truck horn ring, open headlights are bright. There screwdriver in the ignition coil or wire "-" terminal on the test fire, without fire, for the low pressure dump truck ignition coil connected to the column break between meter. If the terminal and wire loose connection or bad, clean the terminals and tighten the lock nut; if a certain wire break, replace the paragraph wire, the wire should be replaced with the original wire Tipper same specifications.

2, the horn does not ring, open headlamp does not shine. Tipper starter wire in the terminal test fire, if fire, the failure for the dump truck starter terminals to a line break between meters; if there is no fire, then the fault is the lack of battery power or line failure. Lack of battery power, charge; circuit breaker should be switched on again.

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3, use the screwdriver on the ignition coil "-" terminal fire test, such as fire, and then in the distributor contact arm fire between the floor and try. If there is a fire, is used for contact, available "article platinum sand grinding contact and adjusting the contact clearance approach to troubleshooting. If there is no fire, you can enter the next step.

4, Tipper distributor Insulated column and distributor shell fire at the trial, if there is no fire, for the dump truck distributor to the ignition coil insulation COLUMN "-" wire circuit fault contact between the column; if there is a fire, then insulating bracket connected to the insulating stud wire circuit fault. If the Department of Posts and bad wire and power, should be clean and tightened access terminal with the wire head; if a certain wire circuit, with the same specifications dumper replace the wire to wire segment.