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teach you how to solve the problem of sweeper vacuum sweeper truck soot

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-10

1, no long journey of inactivity

    I idling long time, Street sweeper engine to reach normal temperature required time becomes longer, the sweeping gas is sprayed onto the back of the valve after slow evaporation rate, also arises carbon. Often inactive while driving in the airflow sweeper engine also small, so weakening, it promotes the deposition of carbon soot cleaning action right.

garbage truck van

    2 pay attention to the timing off

    For vehicles equipped with sweeper turbocharger, after climbing at high speed or not immediately turn off the engine idle for 10 minutes and then go out, equipped with a sweeper turbocharger rate of carbon formation that General naturally aspirated several times faster than the sweeper.

    Recommendation sweeper users make every 20,000-40,000 kilometers under the conditions of routine maintenance are welcomed into the intake system clean to avoid demolition, that is not the disintegration of the engine under the premise that the vehicle with special equipment for Road intake method, valves, oil and so easy to clean the site of formation of carbon soot operation.


    3, the use of clean gasoline

    Street sweeper impurities gasoline is the main component of coke formation, the tendency of forming large cleaning gas carbon weaker. But beware high quality does not mean high quality label represents oil octane, and do not represent the quality and cleanliness. Some car owners scanning ensure cleaning gasoline, gasoline can be used in the practice of adding gasoline detergent. this surface layer is formed of metal binding carbon sweeper effectively prevented, and to gradually turn original soot particles and removed slowly to protect the engine from damage sweeper. However, the addition of gasoline detergent must be careful, if poor quality products will have the opposite effect added.