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tank trucks routine maintenance: to be cleaned regularly

  • Author:changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-07

Used to transport oil tanker we already commonplace in everyday life, the tanker also need maintenance, due to the special nature of the identity of its transport, so than the average private car to pay more attention to maintenance. The following is the maintenance of knowledge tankers:

 Professional tank manufacturers,

1, tanks and piping systems should be cleaned regularly. Regularly check whether the piping system at each link coupling good, reliable sealing.

2, to ensure that tank cleaning, tank and oil system should be cleaned regularly, inside and outside the oil hose connectors at both ends should always apply oil when disassembly easy and convenient. Tubing after each job is completed, should be timely cover imports and exports outside the cap (plug cap), oil hose ends (block cover) to ensure that the inner tube cleaning.

3, loading of oil should not exceed the rated load quality. (By fuel density conversion).

The company's main tank truck

4, the medium through ball should not be too dirty to protect the seal ring, improve the service life of ball, each ball not long in under half-closed half-open state, otherwise easy to make the seal ring deterioration in driving each valve handle should be in off.

5, into the pump should always be washable mesh to prevent clogging of diesel filters, affecting traffic.

6, should be kept clean breathing valve, breathing valve is in working condition, the valve springs are not free to replace, so as not to affect the absorption, the effect of deflation. When breathing valve blocked, there is a risk of causing distortion of the tank.

7, in order to prevent oil tanker fire accident in the exhaust pipe, muffler damaged pipeline oil spills, are not allowed to beat with a metal object oil conducting a very bad car or break parts to avoid Mars, oil tanker on should be ready to fire equipment.

Tank car shipments

8, if the settling tank under the tank freezing, not use fire to dry, superheated steam can be used to melt or drove into the conservatory is thawing.