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tank truck oil tanker not how to do? Teach you easily solve

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-24

Many users in the purchase of tank truck, the first time is to use it, but do not know what to do after the first, resulting in no oil tanker, the vehicle that is out of the question, in fact, is another strange. The following teaches you how to advance the prevention and easily solve this problem.

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After the purchase of a new car in the cabin must be of the tank cleaning work, the first to add about one-third of the water tank, import thirty-four detergent bottle sloshing back and forth to drive the vehicle on tank cleaning, about 10 minutes on the line . Then do not open the pump, the pump at the bottom of the car directly remove four screws, remove the pump strainer and let the water out, so that the slag Clear EVA. It can easily solve the oil pump and tanker use smooth. In addition to tank truck pump filters need to be cleaned once every quarter, in order to protect the normal use of fuel.

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Of course, no oil tanker tank truck cause there are other reasons, such as vehicle power take off, the rotation axis can not be the normal rotation, or three-way points did not play the right direction will cause the tanker does not work. There are also the most common motor reversal, the computer does not work, the solenoid valve open, flow meter stuck, broken gun oil, clogged tubing, pipes get clogged, air resistance, the end of the valve opening is not flexible and so on, the more reasons more detailed analysis before it resolved. In this paper, a summary by the way of the tank truck manufacturers.