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mobile stage vehicle FAQs

  • Author:changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-10

First, open the mobile stage vehicle needs what documents?

    Open mobile stage vehicle does not require any special documents only need a driving license can be opened.

    Small stage vehicle (license plate can be blue, are small stage vehicle), only C1 driving license can drive;


    Medium stage car, B1 / B2 driving license to drive.

    Tractor-stage vehicle, A1 / A2 driver's license to drive.

    Although the special mobile stage vehicle special car, but not dangerous class of vehicles. So driving the car only requires a corresponding stage of the driver's license on it.

    Second, what type of vehicle mobile stage vehicle belonging?

    Write on the family car license above is a stage, the stage is a modified car trunk truck, if there is no update bulletin is dedicated vehicles.

    Third, pay attention to what stage the car brand?

    Stage vehicle is to be born country countryside cultural product, as a theatrical performance dedicated to the countryside model, when its own advertisement of an application is non-business nature of the road is no need for operating permits.

    Fourth, the characteristics of mobile stage vehicle have?

    1, the design professional to maximize the extended proscenium and stage clear height, strong carrying capacity ceiling, the default setting of the lighthouse and boom, a professional stage process design and industrial design.

    2, the operating safety of the first application of vertically-oriented organization dedicated, and set the hydraulic legs, lifting the ceiling so that safe and stable, carriage and stable flat surface stage, the wild wind resistance with a professional design.

    3, show adaptability reserve lighting, sound, subtitles, screen, power, scenery, hanging points and other interfaces, good scalability, the stage floor meet the needs of professional performances, all the equipment can be installed without climbing load in 10 minutes place.


    4, conservation economy hydraulic control technology, easy to set up the stage, just with a driver and a troupe lighting sound engineer can save time and personnel costs.

    5, using a full set of mechanical durability of the vehicle and the operating mechanism are designed in accordance with professional standards, can adapt to harsh environments and with high strength and high density of use

    Fifth, the general customer groups stage car is what?

    If the owner of the vehicle mobile stage for outdoor performances and prepared individuals to buy such a vehicle is generally personal performance groups, or cultural dance groups, government and cultural center for the promotion of social entertainment and the like.

    Six mobile stage vehicles are components of what?

    Stage roof top car plates, car plates side, stage vehicles, legs, stage platen slide, stage platen rod, bar lights, bar scene, electronic control box, proscenium stage clear height, elevation guide frame.

    Seven mobile stage vehicle with should pay attention to what?

    Stage vehicle with front compartment to collapse is good, not easy to put rock items. So as not to affect the frame. If the mobile stage vehicle carrying generators should pay attention to the process of moving generator leakage problems, try not to overload.

    Eight, mobile stage vehicle detailed breakdown of what?

    By Brand: Dongfeng mobile stage vehicle, mobile stage vehicle Fukuda, JAC mobile stage vehicle, the liberation of mobile stage vehicle, mobile stage vehicle JMC, Qingling mobile stage vehicle, mobile stage vehicle ace.

    Classification by area: small mobile stage vehicle in the area of ​​20-36 square stage, vehicle length of 6 meters can be on a blue card mobile stage vehicle. Medium mobile stage vehicle in the area of ​​50-60 square stage, the car length between 4.2 m -7.5 m single bridge mobile stage vehicle. Large mobile stage vehicle stage area of ​​60 square feet or more, and 9.5 m long in the car above.

    Classification by type: automatic single exhibition mobile stage vehicle, mobile stage vehicle show two automatic, automatic three exhibition mobile stage vehicle.

    By style category: LED mobile stage vehicle with the perfect combination of technology LED display, built-in LED display is divided into two kinds and external LED display.