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methods of preventing fire trucks Table corrosion paint

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-16

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Although regular fire engine manufacturer's paint table are processed through layers of paint is made final, more durable and easy to fall off, but it's like people, after years of loss will face bleak, so if you do not pay more conservation, plus the term "tense", and may at any time have bruised country, virtually scratch phenomenon, but also to deal with the water, it is easy to produce rust marks. How to ensure the fire table paint bright as new, full of majesty. It needs proper maintenance.

1. Each time after the fire truck attendance, or by rain water after cleaning should be carried out, since they are working in the fire at work, all the material in contact with a certain corrosive paint on the table. Generally use water cannons best, carefully cleaning, minor spots should be cleared because they are more likely to cause corrosion. After cleaning ventilation to dry down.

2. Attendance fire engines, speed faster, the road is not a good road, there may be a lot of sand, then launched into the gravel car will cause paint table small traces injured, sometimes hard to see, However, if not handled in a timely manner, using a long time, you will see more and more rust, and the trend of expansion. So this road should pay attention to traffic, and, after completion of each should be carefully cleaned in places prone to such problems coated with protective wax.

3. Many times fire is quiet stay in the garage, then should pay attention to the garage ventilation drying, cleaning of the body after the attendance should also be waiting for the bus into the table completely dry in the garage, or it may also be corrosion caused by the body.

4. Use a good toothpaste can remove small scratches on fire, this method is simple and effective, in a short time to prevent corrosion.

5. If the emerging scratch marks in the body after cleaning the damaged parts with the same paint, remember not painted too thick, dry knot in its polished, the color can also be very good to prevent corrosion.