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maintenance of wrecker truck air cleaner

  • Author:changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-19

Normal operation of the air filter wrecker chassis to avoid premature engine wear (non-normal) and maintain the best working condition.


Filtration is the role of the air filter impurities in the air into the cylinder, in order to reduce wear compression system related parts. Air filter used on the engine can be divided into inertia type, filter type, integrated type three, which according to the filter whether the material can be divided into oil-soaked dry and wet categories.


★★★ dry inertial filtration maintenance

Dry air filtering device used by a dust cover, baffle, dust discharge port, vacuum cup, etc., should pay attention to maintenance:

1, the regular inspection and cleaning dust discharge hole centrifugal dust cover, and remove the deflector adhered dust, tossed away the dust inside the dust cup (container dust shall not exceed 1/3 of its volume). Should be installed to ensure that the connection rubber gasket seal, without leakage phenomenon, otherwise airflow short circuit, reducing the rotational speed of the air, so that the effect of dust greatly reduced.

2, dust cover, since diversion should maintain the correct shape, if the bump should be plastic so as not to change the flow of the original design of the air flow is reduced filtering effect.

3, some drivers to dust cup (or dust collector plate) in the fuel, which is not allowed. Because the oil is easy to splash dust discharge port, baffles and other parts to make this part of dust absorption, and ultimately reduce the filtration separation ability.


★★★ wet inertial filtration maintenance

Inertial wet air filtration device consists of central tube, oil tank and other components, use should be noted:

1, regular cleaning of the oil pan and change the oil. Oil change should be moderate so that the oil viscosity. Viscosity is too large, easy to plug the sieve filtration apparatus, increasing intake resistance; viscosity is too small, reduce oil dust adhesion capacity, while splashes of oil is easily sucked into the cylinder participate in the combustion, carbon builds.

2, oil sump oil level should be moderate. Oil should be added to the oil pan between the upper and lower engraved line or arrow mark place. Oil level is too low, fuel shortage, poor filtration; oil level is too high, too much oil, easily sucked into the cylinder combustion, and can lead to "speed" accident.


  Air Filter preventive maintenance is not an exaggeration. Before the intake air and fuel mixture, air filter function is to filter out dust in the air, carbon, water vapor portion and other debris, to ensure clean air into the cylinder. Theoretically, per unit volume of fuel combustion, about the need for clean air volume of 10,000 units. Typically, the manufacturer's recommended air filter to maintain normal replacement cycle for 48 000 km, and to conduct a routine inspection every 24,000 km; conservative maintenance recommended replacement cycle of 24,000 km.

China tow truck manufacturer

   The atmosphere contains three different densities of basic particulate pollutants, namely dust, debris and soot. On the open highway, the dust content comparing rural and built-up areas is low. In larger areas, such as dust concentration sites, sand area, air filter inspection and replacement frequency is higher. Highways and traffic congestion in the area, because emissions from vehicles concentrated, so the content of carbon in the air significantly higher. For filter checks should carefully review their internal deep wrinkles. Sometimes, external filter appears clean, but the interior has been very dirty, then must be replaced immediately.