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Tanker sea valve installation functions and features

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-06

Some people may ask: Why there is a bottom valves of each tank? A part so small, what is your role? Today, Xiaobian gaze follows a subsea valve functions and features. 

Cisterna after installation of subsea valves have the following functions and features:
1, where a Tanker truck fuel filler valve, oil and gas recovery is open, the rising level of oil and gas will be pushed up by a number of oil and gas systems, the recovery tank back to the reservoir area.
2, Tanker truck discharge recovery valve to allow the recovered gas in the tank. In the absence of system recovery plant oil and gas it allows air to enter the tank.
3, the height of the seal, to ensure the safe transport of tankers.
4 reasonable body design, to ensure the recovery of oil and gas and high efficiency.
Although only the sea valves on the vehicle body as a small part humble, but it plays a key role, not only can effectively absorb the impact energy of an approved damage pipes vehicle and ensure the integrity of the sealing mechanism to prevent filtering materials, the entire vehicle to ensure safety, and to avoid the risk of accidents is safety with enhanced security.