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fire trucks precautions in the spring

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-16

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On the occasion of the year is spring, after the winter tests, when the fire truck engines can relax under, give it to a general "health" make it more suitable for this season, it is necessary to give targeted conservation methods.

In fact fire truck colleagues, each season properly nursed back to leaving your car last longer, how it can be nursed back to health in the spring should do the following aspects:

1. winter cold, the tire pressure is generally higher than the foot (expansion and contraction), this time may be appropriate to let the relaxed, adjust air pressure, with more robust.

2. With increasing temperature, engine temperature will be too high, pay attention to drink plenty of it "water" - change the coolant, remember not to use the water, the cooling effect is not good, but also easy to scale.

3. The spring all kinds of dust, catkins more, have some impact on the relevant member is attached to the body if more long after (in particular air cleaner) and even affect the starter is not surprising. Should pay more attention to clean.

4. The air-conditioned truck, because the winter heating, hot days getting ready for work after going for refrigeration, clean condenser, radiator coolant, to prevent clogging cause coolant temperature is too high, the cooling effect can not be achieved .

5. winter when cold is likely to cause some of the glial tube damage, aging, should be replaced if damaged, so as not to affect the normal traffic.

6. Note that anti-static spring weather, the car may have some electrical breakdown or cause interference.

Just think of the spring, and what kind of situation that would cause harm to the car, do not let this phenomenon will make fire truck in the spring more work easier.