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fire truck with a sense of distance determination techniques

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-14

China fire trucks for sale in exports
China Fire truck for sale
  Golf hall of the same (same direction) to the longitudinal distance between the two workshops and the car will overcome the distance between the two vehicles. If the drive is too small, it can lead to a collision, scratching other cars (and sometimes pedestrians) and other accidents, truckers are demanding not allowed, must be accurate to judge by the following methods.
  1. The distance between the front
Duration of response time braking distance truck driver, travel time, vehicle speed, road conditions and the coefficient of adhesion of the road, the wear on the tread and other related factors . In the movement between the vehicle in front of them dedicated a need to be satisfied: the braking distance in the event of emergency braking.

  2. The distance between the back
In front of the car while driving, try not to pay attention to the line with a carriage followed too closely, to avoid danger. fire engines, particularly heavy, wide-body, when the car behind is a bit small, the line is too close, not easy to see movement behind the car, while the rear of the car will also have a big car blocked the front view, the two parties involved.

  3. The left and right
when fire truck traveling on the road or a narrow escape and make parts should reduce speed and pay attention to the other side at a safe distance between cars, with particular attention to the right of non motorized golf, it's okay Fang Fei driver of the motor vehicle also caused by stroke get to the left to avoid an obstacle or lose your balance and fall to the left. Often stop and shop just below the minimum safety distance:

  (1) when the vehicle speed to 40 ~ 60 kmh, when traveling with the need to maintain a minimum of 1 ~ 1.4m other cars. Reverse driving a car should be maintained at 1.2 ~ 1.4m. roadside and must be maintained at 0.5 ~ 0.8m.
  (2) the speed at 30km / h, the distance between the car and the minimum safe plant should be kept at least 0.7m. When these conditions are allowed to maintain a safe distance to side must reduce speed slowly to ensure the safety of traffic.
  These conditions are the basis of criteria that are present when the basic drivers with the driving method described above, in case of accident to avoid it easier to deal with.