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dump truck use and maintenance during the run!

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-20

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After the maintenance period ending run-run-dump truck to enter the inspection and maintenance of normal use and maintenance as follows: Inspection and adjustment Tipper fan and water pump drive belt tension; inspection and adjustment of the dump truck camshaft timing belt tension; adjust the valve clearance ; check engine cylinder head screws Tipper birch tightness; replace dump truck engine oil filter; replace engine oil; supplementary radiator coolant; adjust the ignition timing; remove air filter dust; adjust the idle speed and idle mixer pedal clearance; check the brake fluid volume Tipper, look for leaks; adjust the brake pedal stroke; check Tipper handbrake lever stroke and cable; check and tighten the wheel nut with the hub connected; check the dump truck transmission and differential oil; check other critical mother tightening torque; check dump steering gap tightness and lubricant leaks, steering wheel free travel is appropriate.

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Dump the run-in period as the athletes participating in the warm-up exercise before, the purpose is to make the body's ability to adapt to the various functional components can be adjusted to enhance the environment. Dump the merits of the run, will the life of vehicles, safety and economy have a major impact, it can not be underestimated. Good inspection, maintenance and improve the quality of the run should note the following several aspects. Running foot 2000 km run-in period should not be less than vehicle mileage 2000 km, which is to ensure sufficient mechanical contact, friction, adaptation, shaping the basic mileage.

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Do not run too fast for an injury strictly enforce driving regulations, it is necessary to avoid full-throttle; second is to maintain the normal operating temperature of the engine dump truck. We must not drill at this time driving skills, rush rushing. Tipper vehicle speed should be controlled within a predetermined, new cars and overhaul the carburetor after the dump truck is equipped with a governor, not free to be removed. Lawton car should not be traveling light, carrying the rate should be lower than 90%, and choose a flat road dump truck driving.