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bulk cement truck engine fuel system cleaning tips

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-10

Cement mixer engine fuel system needs cleaning and maintenance Regularly, Following Xiaobian Introduce Several cement mixer engine fuel system cleaning method:

The first: powder material truck engines use ultrasonic cleaning

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The advantage Is That You can use ultrasound to whether the atomization nozzle, responsiveness, sensitivity switch, whether oil spills Were detected. Has the purpose it aussi Disadvantages due to the nozzle During the cleaning process Does not move the valve, the valve body is Not Easily cleaned pinhole to. Currently the new ultrasonic cleaning machine to be added to the spool alternating current through the eyes open and let the core reciprocating motion of the spool cleaning effect is better. This Generally Higher cleaning costs and the need to remove the nozzle.

The second: cleaning agent

This method is simple, just to suitable cleaning agent is added to the tank. Purpose now the cleaning agent on the market Many varieties and different specifications, poor quality cleaning agents due to the different calorific value (usually too large, the temperature and pressure of combustion than gasoline gas combustion mixture to high heat load components and mechanical load Increases) , in the cleaning process, it is easy for intake and exhaust valves, pistons, cylinder walls causes harm. On the environment, Because The cleaning process to wash the north-cylinder soot, so the broadcasts will Certainly be exceeded temporarily, the cleaning effect is more Obvious, thick black moteur severe, while explanation has-been MOST of the in-cylinder soot cleaning Lost. Do not be cheap When cleaning to Avoid demolition on the market today is Commonly used vehicle cleaning machine cleaning mode, the cement mixer EFI cars are Concerned, the cleaning nozzle is based on the number of loads, usually a bottle of cleaning agent You can wash injectors oven. It shoulds ce jour restera une que la calorific value of various cleaning agents are different, and l'autre due to differences Among chemical additives, poor cleaning in the cleaning process agent, will fuel injector seals, Causing Some damage to the three-way catalyst, and long time for cleaning powder material truck engine related parts Disadvantage.

Bulk cement truck,

Third: to Avoid demolition cleaning machine cleaning

Free demolition cleaning machine cleaning principle is to use pressure and flow network cement mixer engine original system, Replaced by cleaner burning fuel-cylinder soot cleaning, And Then Discharged through the exhaust system. Vehicle cleaning machine Has the advantage of convenience, goal aussi for the nozzle cleaning effect is Obvious; Drawback is the inlet of the previous paragraph is less than clean, and good or bad injector aussi check it out. For the new car, ict cleaning effect Generally up to about 80%, "clunkers" (not in accord avec some mileage conduite regular cleaning) is less effective, goal washed one hundred kilometers of the effect is very Obvious.