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a little common sense of Oil tanker use

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-15
How to use: 

1, the blind use of imported oil, some drivers think that oil imports must be better than the domestic oil, and therefore in particular the use of imported oil on tankers in the domestic new car. As everyone knows, this is often not worth the candle, there will be a lot of ills. For example, most low viscosity oil imports, cannot meet the domestic tanker for oil viscosity requirements. 

2, oil is the black oil deterioration, tanker engine oil under high temperature conditions more demanding work, easy to oxidative deterioration, produce acidic substances and synthetic polymer laminated sediments, resulting in destruction of lubrication. In addition, the combustion exhaust gas into the crankcase oil will promote oxidative deterioration. Thus, after a certain time, usually black oil deterioration, loss of lubrication it should be. But with the continuous improvement of quality lubricants, particularly thickening promote the use of oil, black oil does not necessarily mean oil deterioration.

3, blindly choose oil, oil plays a lubrication, cooling, cleaning and seal. The quality of lubricating oil is directly related to the length of the tanker engine life, so do not blindly choose engine oil tankers.

4, the best use of multi-viscosity oil, lubricating oil (also known as multi-grade lubricant) having a low temperature properties of light oil, and in the time and having high temperature properties of heavy oil, it is recommended to use multi-grade oil in the case, A multi-stage oil can replace multiple single-grade oil. Although the multi-grade oil to meet the extreme cold and warm seasons, and heavy-duty engine oils, especially those in the absence of cold start diesel oil difficult, generally it is recommended to use a single lubricating oil viscosity, it is conducive to engine lubrication and prolong Tank engine life. 

5, mixed-use engine oil tankers, seed oil, base oil viscosity grades in addition to different outside the rest are the same, the only difference is the added ingredients in its variety and quantity. It is generally depending on the variety and quantity of added ingredients to divide the lubricant varieties and quality levels. 

6, not to replace lubricants only add, many owners pay attention only to check the lubricating oil, according to the standard add, without paying attention to check the quality of lubricating oil, the expense of replacement of oil has changed, resulting in a number of tanker engine moving parts always operate in poor lubrication environment, thereby accelerating the lubrication mechanical wear and tear. 

7, often do not follow the fuel, lubricating oil exceeds the standard. 

Only normal tanker oil pressure in order to ensure the oil tanker delivered to all engine friction surface, too high or too low will affect the normal operation of the engine tanker, the tanker even damage engine components.