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Wrecker winter and fault-prone workarounds

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-01

 30ton road wrecker tow truck with Dongfeng chassis

The onset of winter, car owners have begun to consider how to make your car for the winter. Winter is also a vehicle accident-prone season, if you do not do maintenance work hard to ensure the safety of driving the vehicle. Key winter engine maintenance vehicles, vehicle parts also need to pay attention to deal with winter maintenance.

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1, the engine speed becomes how high?

There are a lot of careful removal may be found in the colder winter weather conditions, start the car when the engine speed is obviously feeling much higher than in the past, sometimes even up to 17,000 revolutions per minute, as a car manufacturer, we can guarantee this is completely normal, when the temperature dropped, there was also a vehicle engine speed reaches 2,000 rpm no minutes, this is a normal phenomenon, so drivers have also please do not be too concerned about. We remind owners, fall and winter in the morning to start the car when it is best to let the engine idle a few minutes, it reaches the normal temperature, which means that the vehicle is about to start in front, let the engine run a few minutes on their own, each of the lubricating oil to moisten parts, thus reducing wear and tear on engine components to the maximum extent.

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2. How often do you replace the engine coolant once

Now prices are soaring, you owners of a friend is also very helpless, but can not because the maintenance costs would rise to tighten their belts, spend the money or take the. Winter vehicle needs timely replacement of antifreeze, do not mix various brands of antifreeze or prolonged use. Experts point out that automobile antifreeze must be replaced once every two years at least, if it is mixed antifreeze is used, it at least six months to be replaced once in a cryogenic liquid during use must not use different brands, different models, so the mix the engine is very unfavorable.

3, engine lubrication and cleaning work that you have done it?

Reduce winter temperatures, poor engine oil flow easily cause wear of engine components. Therefore, experts suggest that if a long time use engine oil, oil color black, poor adhesion of oil, then it should be replaced, and so as to ensure the normal start of the engine in winter. On the other hand, the market also check and replace the oil filter. On the choice of oil, experts also pointed out that, if the vehicle is in the south use, like the regular replacement of oil, if the vehicle is traveling relatively cold weather operations in northern cold areas, the use of multi-stage heating and cooling oil is more suitable. Engine air intake in the winter prone to failure, more common is the intake system too much coke, resulting in engine cold start, it was found much jitter, increased fuel consumption, which is mainly the intake system blockage leading to insufficient gas supply , it is recommended that you regularly clean the owners of the throttle valve or near the coke, so as to ensure the normal operation of the engine.