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Wrecker truck replace brake shoes Notes

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-17

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After the brake pad wear, or due to wear of the friction surface is less than the distance from the rivet head 0.5mm, or friction surface stained with oil, there ablation, hardening, brake lining minimum thickness less than 6mm, the average it should be replaced with new brake pads. Cars should be replaced when the brake lining in mind the following: 

(1) before the riveting new film deal brake shoes for cleaning and inspection. Rivet holes on the brake shoe wear If deformed, shall be repaired and re-drilling. Shoe surface of the raised portion should be polished.
(2) in the same car with the brake lining it is preferably a plant, and if not, should at least be guaranteed brake pads on the same axle brakes on two wheels is the same factory production, to ensure that the same coefficient of friction and good braking performance, avoid deviation brake failure.
(3) In order to avoid breakage and good thermal performance brake linings occur during use, should be guaranteed in the riveting friction plates and shoe snapping curvature of brake lining and shoe should be the same. The timely application of hand riveting vice brake lining and shoe fastened together by an intermediate sequence riveting to both sides.
(4) After riveting, should brake lining both sides of the chamfered rivets can not skew, loose. Clearance between the brake lining and shoe between a maximum of 0.12mm, preferably without gaps.
(5) the brake lining surface should be clean, smooth, not rough, so rough projections have worn off after a powder.