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Wrecker truck engine problems analysis

  • Author:tow truck manufacturer
  • Release on :2016-04-26
There are always some problems happen when the wrecker truck is on road. However, the engine problem is the main problem and also easy to resolve. That is the water temperature sensor is out of work results in the problem of engine. Now hubei Changjie tow truck manufacturer would like to introduce the analysis for your reference as follows:
Problem description: step the bottom of acceleration pedal, try several times to get through the starter to make the engine starts;idling is not stable, such as lack of cylinder, cutoff problem;speed up problem,step the accelerator pedal to speed up,rotational speed could not reach the standard, anti-squeak has black smoke and “tutu”sound noise, problem indicator light.
Problem analysis: mixer air overrich, lack of cylinder or cutoff result the engine problem. First, regular check: start the engine, use test fire to check all cylinders in good work, the result is 4 cylinder are all in good work. Close the engine and remove the ignition plug, you will find the electrode has a lot of carbon and the space is also big. After the regular check to confirm the problem because of the mixer air overrich and cutoff problem. Then use connect wire short circuit the 2 sockets of the diagnostic terminal, open the ignition plug to observe the indicator light flash times on the instrument, get the problem code 14, After check the code, it means the voltage of the water temperature sensor is lower, pull out of the socket of it, use avometer resistance to check its resistance is 0, that result confirm it is out of valid.