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Wrecker six kinds of maintenance you know?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-05-02

Wrecker in the daily use to be maintained, the owner of friends know, but these you know? In the maintenance of the wrecker in the maintenance of new cars, shift maintenance, regular maintenance, season maintenance, storage and maintenance, special maintenance, the six maintenance is the owner of the wrecker owners to know, then, take a look at the six Maintenance of the specific conservation.

China wrecker truck manufacturer

First, the new car maintenance, also known as trial operation and maintenance. New or overhauled vehicles need to be commissioned, after the end of the trial operation, the vehicle must be maintained. The main contents are: cleaning and lubricating system, replacing the lubricating oil, re-tightening the cylinder nut according to the provisions of the new button, check the adjustment of the transmission belt, control mechanism, valve clearance and fastening of the connection.

Second, the shift maintenance, also known as daily maintenance. Operate vehicles on a daily basis after cleaning and inspection. When the oil and cooling water are found to be insufficient, add it again.

Third, regular maintenance, also known as maintenance in accordance with the provisions of the period. That is generally referred to as technical maintenance.

Fourth, storage and maintenance, which is the vehicle long-term parked or sealed storage need to carry out a maintenance. Maintenance is mainly cleaning, cleaning, lubrication, protection and so on. The aim is to prevent or reduce the adverse effects of various harsh conditions on the machine during storage and to ensure that the vehicle is often in a good standby state. The

5, seasonal maintenance, which is in the winter before or during the summer will be a temporary seasonal maintenance. The aim is to adapt the work of the vehicle to the requirements of change. The main maintenance content is: cleaning fuel and lubrication system, replace the season to meet the requirements of the fuel and lubricants; according to the seasonal temperature to adjust the proportion of electrolyte electrolyte, and adjust the generator pressure limit; cleaning cooling system, according to seasonal requirements change Or replace the antifreeze, while checking the work of the thermostat is normal.

Sixth, special maintenance, which is a major abnormal events after the vehicle carried out a kind of coping maintenance. Such as the engine occurred in the accident, when the speed was stopped, the crank link and other parts of the relevant parts of a response should be maintained, so that these parts and parts of the technical state completely back to normal before they can restart the operation.