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Wrecker routine maintenance tips.

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-02

Dongfeng 4*2 wrecker tow truck picturer

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Wrecker tow truck maintenance should always check the force components (such as the sub-frame, the supporting arm, boom, rope, hook, cylinder bearings, boom stand, forks, etc.) without damage, deformation or cracking as well as the friction surface Have galling, burning and killing or excessive wear, enjoying daily maintenance.

Identify problems in time to prevent accidents at work. To check the job before packing performance lifted agencies try to prevent overloading or partial load, often insist on the movements of the oiled surface. 70% of hydraulic system failure caused by the hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil caused by the failure of 90 per cent since the hydraulic oil mixed with foreign matter who caused Therefore, to prevent contamination of the hydraulic oil, ensuring the normal oil temperature F work to ensure intact state of the art hydraulics, hydraulic oil regularly checked in accordance with regulations to replace the hydraulic oil and cleaning the hydraulic system.

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The use of maintenance is mainly reflected in the following aspects: while driving must be separated from the power take off, pull the vehicle to slow down when the care exercised. To most suitable hydraulic oil, clean, most reliable quality, regular replacement, can not be mixed. Differences hydraulic system pressure and rated pressure should be maintained within ± 10% of normal working is too high or too low will affect the hydraulic system. Always check the hydraulic system for leakage.

For a long time the hydraulic system to work, or in high temperature environment F continuous operation, we must pay attention to the temperature of the hydraulic oil can not exceed 600Co should always check the main bolt, particularly the positioning pin bolts sturdy case. When the winch operation, wire rope winch on not less than five laps, in the case of wire rope with load, can not touch the winch clutch controls.