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Wrecker of inspection, maintenance and lubrication knowledge introduction

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-20

China wrecker truck for sale 

China wrecker truck for sale

Wrecker truck manufacturer Hubei Chang jie News: To make your wrecker in a good condition, except for first-time warranty, but also required to carry out regular maintenance, where we wrecker manufacturers to introduce the wrecker inspection and maintenance equipment requirements, inspection and maintenance of the car chassis, refer to the car chassis parts and maintenance instruction manual.

A daily inspection items include:

1. Check whether there is leakage of the hydraulic system

2. Check the hydraulic oil tank level, oil level not less than the top of the tank 50mm, or should add hydraulic oil.

3. Check whether part of the main parts of the deformation, cracking damage to the phenomenon.

4. Check the connection of each cylinder block bolts, pins, etc. are loose.

5. Check the chute plate friction plate, sub-frame and the cross arm pin main switch if smooth is good.

6. Check the monthly maintenance items

Second, according to monthly inspection items to be checked

1. Check whether the sub-frame and the connection beam automobile beam connections loose, and pay attention to tighten the bolts.

2. Check whether the rope nap, broken filament lamp breakage, if necessary, should be replaced.

3 .. chute plate friction plate, friction plate supporting arm, subframe and cross the main arm rotating pin, pin cylinder should be monthly and other lubrication to protect NOTE Run in good condition. # 4 grease using calcium-based grease.

4. Check the winch worm gearbox lubricants. Should be replaced annually turbine lubricating oil tank, filling N460 industrial gear oil, add about 1200ml.

Third, the wrecker truck hydraulic system hydraulic oil replacement

Wrecker user according to the operating frequency, length of use, the working environment to adjust oil change intervals, under normal circumstances, the proposed replacement of the annual wrecker hydraulic system hydraulic oil tank once, if used frequently, the load for a long time, the environment can be the difference appropriate to shorten drain intervals, once every six months of the hydraulic system to replace the use of hydraulic oil grade: summer with Great Wall Zhuoli HM-46 or HV-32, for winter YB-N32 anti-wear hydraulic oil, should be cleaned before replacing the tank and filter oil.