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Wrecker is the reason?

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-15

Used Wrecker of the hydraulic steering system due to the heavy, deviation, shaking, such as failure of the more common and complex. Repairman in removing difficult is relatively large, are often not sure cause, change-test approach was adopted. Steering wheel power steering pump will inevitably become the Guinea pig or an innocent victim. This is particularly evident in the warranty service and high return rates, has brought great losses to dealers and manufacturers. Therefore, the performance of automotive hydraulic steering system, introduction to the working principle and common trouble shooting methods to the general user.

Repair car power steering pump, we usually call it the power steering pump in the direction, it is a power steering system power source for wrecker, is also the heart of steering system. For heavy towing vehicle, because the mechanical machines, pilot strength, hydraulic steering system is all the more important.
Wrecker used steering power steering pump, vane and gear type two.

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Here will focus on the vane type steering wheel power steering pump.

Vane pump consists of a cavity of double circular arc curve of the pump body, slotted rotors. blades and other parts. Installed on the rear of the engine flywheel housing, is driven by the timing. When the engine is running, driving power steering pump rotor blade under the action of centrifugal force, moves along the blade Groove out, close to the inner wall of the pump, rotor rotation in the process due to a closed volume continue to increase and decrease the implementation processes of oil and oil. Rotor for each round, finished oil and oil-absorbing secondary. There is to limit the maximum pressure of the relief valve in the pump body. When the steering system for an external load increases, leading to increased pressure to a certain value, safety valve open removal of the load. Pump or throttle valve and flow control valves are installed in order to ensure the stability of power steering pump displacement is basically.

Steering wheel power steering pump usage and maintenance is very important, so you must do the following:

I. choose the right hydraulic oil is guaranteed to power steering pump efficiency, the key to longevity.

II. periodically check the oil tank oil level, lack of clean hydraulic oil should be added, the filter in the tank should be cleaned with alcohol during maintenance.

III. found in use steering wheel power steering pump leaks, the impact of or abnormal noise, should promptly check exclude.

IV. wrecker after running for some time, should change the oil filter in a timely manner, especially the new pump loading using 2500-3000 hydraulic oil should be replaced.

Oil change is as follows:

1. the front axle, the wheels off the ground.

2. detach the tank cover, remove tubing and drain plug next time.

3. start the engine running for about 10 minutes, oil storage tanks, power steering pump, hydraulic oil discharges within the steering wheel.

4. the engine, turning the steering wheel to the limit position, to discharge all residual hydraulic oil.

5. replace the filter and add hydraulic oil to the required height, drain the hydraulic system of air.

Steering wheel power steering pump failure causes and troubleshooting:

I. Steering power steering pump without oil or the oil pressure is too small.

Failure reason:

1. filter clogging, corrosion resistance tubing because the rubber is not blocked.

2. the tubing joints have become disheartened, and air to enter.

3. power steering pump parts wear, the gap is too large, causing oil weakness.

4. irregularities in oil or used too long, viscosity, blades slip resistance.

5. oil tank oil level too low.


1. wash filter with alcohol, replace tubing, hydraulic oil to the required position.

2. check the fastening parts to prevent air from entering.

3. check the repair power steering pump, replace the worn part.

II. steering wheel power steering pump is excessively noisy.

Failure reason: into the air, damaged lost or the relief valve pressure too high, oil resistance is too large.


1. check the connector fastening to prevent air from entering.

2. maintenance safety valve.

3. replace the inlet pipe.

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