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Winter waste high oil consumption the reason?

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-21

During the cold winter months, believe the garbage truck driver\'s job a lot of inconvenience, in this work, a lot of garbage truck drivers should find their cars \' fuel consumption is increasing. Garbage truck manufacturers today for you on winter fuel problems, high oil consumption in winter is normal in a certain range, the main reason comes from the following aspects:

1. low winter temperatures, you will find garbage truck engine cooling and heat quickly, then most of the heat generated by burning diesel fuel are absorbed by cold air, and ultimately on the piston\'s less and less heat, which leads to increased fuel consumption.

2. reasons for winter because the garbage truck engine preheating, so idle time is lengthened accordingly, so the total fuel consumption will also increase.

3. low winter temperatures, garbage truck engine cooling too fast can also cause low viscosity oil temperature becomes large, internal resistance that will result in larger, fuel consumption increases.

4. after a winter rain and snow weather, roadside, often with snow or ice, garbage truck drivers in order to ensure the safety of vehicles as far as possible to reduce the speed, with the lowering of speed on the slippery road, the total fuel consumption will increase.

5. some garbage truck drivers may be put on winter tires during the winter months, the stability of this tire is good but its resistance is large, this may also result in increased fuel consumption.

Winter cold, garbage truck manufacturers would like to remind members that garbage truck drivers out the door more clothes, warm is important. Also say winters pay more attention to care and maintain your own garbage trucks, although they are just a machine, but they also like people stand up to severe erosion.

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