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Winter school bus maintenance points to consider

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-08

First, keep warm the battery Clean

The main problem is of course the warm winter. At a time when we would have thought a little battery. Battery very low temperature "sensitive", the low temperature environment, the capacity ratio of battery capacity in normal temperature is much lower. If a vehicle is parked in the open air or in a garage when not in a few weeks, remove the battery, stored in a warm place to prevent damage to the battery.

And clean, we must pay attention to check if the battery green oxide rear electrode, to prevent resistance becomes large, so that the battery in the state of power loss. To this end, the terminals must be coated with special protect fat.

Second, pay attention to brake check brake

winter ice road is easy, nursery school bus brake becomes very important. If the amount of brake fluid enough if the quality deterioration, if the weak braking, deviation, the pedaling force of the brake pedal and the wheels from locking during braking point position, etc., must be verified in advance.

In fact, the brake system maintenance, owners should pay more attention in the process of normal driving. Once the abnormal changes occur, it is necessary for maintenance repair shop immediately, if necessary, should be part of the whole system brake line course. Of course, they also suggest that owners can go to the medical center nearby nursery school bus Mihara the car to be a complete physical examination, the car also care about your security protection.

Third, pay attention to the line of sight often find lights

Our winter nursery school bus accident causes a lot of places: freezing fog. This climate while driving will cause low visibility, particularly rear-end collisions. Therefore, fog lights, brake lights are working properly, but also directly related to traffic safety in winter.

Testing includes fog lights, headlights, brake lights, etc. Once blackened bulbs should be replaced as soon as possible. After ordinary halogen headlights light is generally used for two years it will be weakened, but if you want xenon headlights, the best color temperature should be between 5000-6000K. Because the higher the temperature, the time when light penetrates fog, but the lower safety risks will also.

 school bus

Fourth, pay attention to the protection against oxidation of the chassis

Conservation chassis, the first step of course is to conduct a thorough cleaning of the chassis, the chassis is exposed so that the original "nature" before the next step. The second step can begin treatment chassis oxide, the most effective method is to install "armor chassis." In particular material coating the surface of the elastic gel chassis playing oxide, abrasion resistance, shock absorption, the effect of noise reduction as bus chassis kindergarten to put strong armor, you can play a good protective effect.

Pay attention to the brush cleaning cup

wipers can only be cleared in winter frost outside, you can also clean the glass in the snow.

Usually rubber wiper needs to be replaced once a year, especially before winter should be replaced. And if you go early in the morning and found that the wipers are stuck in the snow on the windshield, do not rinse with water directly, so easy to make windows and break due to temperature changes, wiper deformation.