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Why should the tail tanker mounted static grounding strap?

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-30

Fuel tank truck picture

I do not know if you are not paying attention in addition to other special tanker vehicles rarely mounted static grounding strap. Why is driving on the road tanker tail must be installed static grounding strap, fitted with static grounding what role it? Below small detail to you about why the tail of the tanker mounted static grounding strap?

Tanker Tail install static ground strap main purpose is to divert static electricity, security role.

Cause tanker with static electricity is more complex: both oil jar with internal friction, but also with the outside air and dust tank and external static friction conducting a variety of reasons. Even if oil loading cars parked does not move, but also because of the air flow and external static dust conduction (such as dry days, the person charged, touching the oil truck) so that the oil tanker metal charged. Then these can be static grounding strap to the ground conductivity. Run oil tanker, the oil tank and the friction will break both the original neutral state, so that all parts with electrostatic charges and uneven distribution. At this time due to the flow of oil on the one hand and the oil tank charged, on the other hand also allows charging and original, but with the combined effect of the outside world, can make the whole car oil with some kind of static, then there is electrostatic discharge grounding strap role .

Static grounding strap conductive role, not only is the car electrostatic conduction to the earth. If the oil tanker is positively charged, then the earth will pass inspection static tanker, otherwise the car will just pass the electrostatic earth.

All in all, each must be installed on the Fuel tank truck static grounding strap, some manufacturers in order to facilitate transit without installing static grounding strap, this tanker is to prohibit the flow of the market. Static grounding strap to make the car do not accumulate static electricity, so the vehicle during driving safer.