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Why medicine refrigerated trucks must be installed temperature and humidity recorder

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-03

Why is it necessary to install medicine refrigerated trucks temperature and humidity recorder? Here by the Hubei Chang Jie Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. on this analysis shows that there is a need to friends in the consultation when buying a drug refrigerated trucks will not blindly with the state of drugs The management of drugs is becoming more and more stringent, the quality of drugs has become the people most concerned about, in view of this, the State Drug Administration of the refrigerated transport of drugs proposed a new requirement: all pharmaceutical companies must have a vaccine or drug refrigerated trucks, Must use the vaccine refrigerated trucks to transport. Then the pharmaceutical companies to choose what kind of vaccine refrigerated trucks to transport drugs is the most appropriate?
First of all pharmaceutical companies to consider the refrigerated car body size, first of all pharmaceutical companies will not be too much of a drug delivery, the general choice of medium-volume refrigerated refrigerated trucks, or if the choice of large refrigerated trucks, then cause the waste of information; Second, drugs and vaccines are generally more stringent temperature control requirements, so the vaccine refrigerated trucks must be installed temperature recorder, so that the driver can be observed in the cab timely body temperature; again pharmaceutical companies are generally in the city, then Choose a vaccine in the city unimpeded refrigerator car is very important, and general small refrigerated trucks and bread refrigerated trucks in the city is not limited to line requirements.

With the progress of the society, various fields of the vaccine refrigerated trucks increasingly high requirements, especially in the delivery of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, the temperature control is very strict, in view of this, our company should user requirements, in the Many refrigerated trucks and vaccine transport vehicles add a temperature recorder to monitor the temperature changes in the refrigerator compartment at any time. But the vaccine transport vehicle installation temperature recorder can play a specific role, here we briefly introduce:

Temperature recorder (hereinafter referred to as the recorder), is designed for supporting the development of refrigeration equipment, can be used to monitor the temperature inside the recording refrigeration equipment. The whole machine is reliable, easy to operate, beautiful appearance. Logger is equipped with a dedicated PC data acquisition software, recorder can record the data stored in the personal computer to save, analyze, print. Main functions: 1 temperature detection, every 10 minutes to collect 1 and record the temperature value (detection range -30 ℃ ~ 50 ℃), the door switch records, power-down records, power-down data protection function, through the host computer to read stored Information, in order to grasp the temperature of the vehicle inside the car.

It is mainly used in transportation vehicles of life science, food and industry, etc., and it is also suitable for the storage process. This belt can be used for printing, Display electronic refrigerated trucks for electronic temperature recorder for immediately to implement the new version of the GSP specification for refrigerated trucks temperature monitoring requirements, is particularly suitable.

The new version of the GSP specification for refrigerated trucks temperature monitoring specific requirements: refrigerated trucks must have automatic temperature control, display temperature, storage and read the temperature monitoring data. This temperature meter has the function of on-site rapid printing process curve report, the temperature probe external, can connect up to 4 temperature probes, can be placed in the refrigerated compartment anywhere, the probe wire can be extended according to the length of the car, the record shows the host and Micro-printer placed in the refrigerated truck cab or a safe environment, to reach the destination, the print process at any time the temperature data, but also through the USB interface, all the temperature data, including the curve and the report saved to the computer, Permanent backup for query and traceability.