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Why is sanitation garbage truck blow cylinder

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-01

Dongfeng 210hp arm garbage truck  for sale

Dongfeng 210hp arm garbage truck  for sale

Chang Jie Hubei garbage truck manufacturers reported: garbage truck caused the blow-cylinder has the following points:

First, the natural causes. With the increase of garbage truck mileage, the wear between the piston and the cylinder increases, when such wear increases to a certain extent, the cylinder will begin to blow, followed by burning oil phenomenon will be generated. When the valve seal damage, burning oil phenomenon will become more pronounced.

Second, improper maintenance.

1, according to the provisions mileage engine maintenance will extend the life of the engine. On the other hand, even without super-mileage warranty (drag-Paul). Too dirty oil, oil impurities in the engine cylinder will accelerate wear.

2, the amount of excess oil.

3 inappropriate, air filter, filter machine, oil and other selected, impurity gases into the cylinder can not be well cleaned variety of dust particles into the cylinder, accelerated cylinder wear. Quality machine filter difference, would not achieve the role of the oil filter in the magazine. Counterfeiting oil or used oil and oil level does not match the use of the vehicle, so that will not be able to form a good film in the friction surfaces of the engine, heavy pull-cylinder, light blow.

4, ignition timing too early or too late. Sooner or party to produce violent shock, the engine temperature is increased, serious cause off the top of the piston, cylinder scrapped. It's early days would be a serious blow cylinder burning oil.

5, excessive cooling of the inner tank dirt. Radiator and condenser is dirty, reduce the ventilation capacity of the engine normal operating temperature increase. Since the temperature is too high, the quality of lubricating oil film at the friction generated by drop, cylinder wear increased.

Therefore, in addition with the increase in vehicle mileage natural wear and tear resulting blow-by gas and burning oil, the active maintenance, rational use of garbage trucks is possible to avoid the phenomenon of blow-by gas cylinder and the extension of the early arrival of the compression type garbage truck life.