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Why do we have to turn off the cooling unit when loading goods into refrigerated trucks?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-27

For refrigerated trucks, during the use of the process, there are many tips to note that it is different from the ordinary van, the following Hubei Changjie Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. technical engineers for the refrigerated truck driver friends to provide some of the notes when loading,which will do good help.

During the loading of refrigerated trucks, the car must be pre-cooling or preheating. Because the vehicle parked in the open air, usually compartment temperature is the ambient temperature. If the temperature of the goods transported is not the ambient temperature, the temperature of the goods will affect the temperature of the goods transported, causing the quality of the goods to be changed. It is therefore necessary to pre-cool the compartments to the required temperature before loading.

Refrigerated trucks must be turned off when loading (unloading). Many people in the loading and unloading of goods are not closed refrigerator car refrigeration unit, in fact, this is a very wrong operation. Because when the refrigerated car compartment is pre-cooled, if the fan door of the refrigerating unit evaporator fan is working and the positive side of the fan is positive and the back side is negative pressure when the compartment door is opened without opening the compartment door, the cool air is blown out from the upper part of the compartment , The lower part will be outside the hot air quickly sucked in, resulting in refrigerated trucks inside the rapid rise in temperature; If the shutdown and then loading and unloading of goods, due to fan disposal stop, air flow to stop, inside and outside the air pressure, thus using the external The speed of hot air transfer into the compartment is relatively slow.