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Why can't fuel tank truck use plastic barrel to load fuel oil

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-10

In the field of fuel tank truck, vehicle owner friends can see, fuel tank body is commonly made of sheet metal production, production of glass or steel, plastics and other materials. Some owners may wonder: Why not use plastic barrel to load oil? Would not that be more convenient?
Professionals have pointed out: tanker dangerous goods transport vehicles, tanks requires sufficient strength, and inside the tank with anti-red plate, tank fittings are provided manhole, a valve, and some tanks also need insulation configure the flowmeter. Always we still do not know what principle? Today, small popular answer for everyone, in the end tankers reason not to use plastic barrels of oil is.
Although plastic bucket is a handy container, but if we will gasoline into plastic barrels, during transport, the gasoline and plastic buckets constant friction, friction and heat, friction to a certain extent, it will make plastic bucket charged sparks, after the spark ignition gasoline will cause fire, out of control, so the tanker is forbidden to use plastic barrels of gasoline.
This is just not enough, because a tanker in motion, the vibration of the gasoline tank lorry triboelectrification, if not timely these electrostatic go down, once the discharge phenomenon occurs explosion. therefore. Also mounted behind the car with static or mopping the floor chains, with static or drag chains to make the surface of the tank is connected with the ground, the electrostatic surface tank into the ground, so that the charge in the tank constantly and will not causing oil tank explosion caused by spark discharge.
Fuel tank truck belongs to a kind of dangerous goods transport vehicl. The security issue is the most important, pay special attention to the safe operation of tankers, eliminating the use of plastic barrels of oil.