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Which system architecture of fecal suction truck vacuum pump prone to problems

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-09-30

In many cases, in fact, there are a lot about environmental management, sewage treatment and even a number of biogas digesters are often inseparable from the fecal suction truck. So, suction truck vacuum pump suction truck is a core structure, the equivalent of the human heart is very critical. So, in many cases for suction truck vacuum pump care and maintenance, as well as some of the latter part of the operation is very critical. Then, will be followed by the suction truck vacuum pump operation principle of the debugging
process which need to pay attention to the maintenance problems and the late failure to explain.

First of all, the first point to know is that, for suction truck vacuum pump, the installation and commissioning process, the first need for the rotor centrifugal force detection, and depends on the centrifugal force is not large enough. It is necessary to see whether the rotary vane and the rotor are in close contact with the inner wall of the suction pump vacuum pump and move. This is also a study of the principle, but also a very critical point is that the tightness of the gas compartment is also need to fully examine. Because if there is any air leakage of the gas tank, then the state of vacuum will be greatly reduced and reduced. So in many cases, in the latter part of the maintenance and repair process, the need for suction truck vacuum pump power take-off device, the inside and inside the car girder, as well as the rotor and the rotor, etc. need a full range of maintenance and repair Caixing. And need to know, fecal sucker truck vacuum pump shaft and the axis of rotation of the song has an angle, then the angle often can not exceed seven degrees, which is in the process of maintenance and maintenance of the need to fully examine the matter .

In the process of installation and maintenance, it is necessary to know that the oil and gas separation system needs to be installed at the inlet end of the oil body above the vacuum rod. Then this time out of the oil port temperature often need to maintain at room temperature, neither too high nor too low. Because if the temperature is too high will lead to gas expansion, and evaporation, and if the temperature is too low, then the plug will be sufficient in the flow of the pipeline. Then this will be sufficient to make the flow of the pipeline caused by the blockage of the situation, it is necessary to maintain the oil pipeline at all times unimpeded. This time need to pay attention to, in the first 50 hours after the operation on the need to clear the pipeline, and when necessary, need to add oil to clean up.

There is also need to pay attention to is that the need for regular oil volume in place, whether the scale line, and the quality of the fluid is normal, as well as oil on the color is transparent, or milky white, etc., need Adjusted and often tested. One important point to note is that in a water vapor separation system, the isolated body of water needs to be stored inside the container. This time, it is important to note that the discharge of these fluids often results in negative effects on the gas.