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When the oil tanker is more suitable for oil

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-15
The main function of oil tank car oil is lubrication, cleaning, cooling.
If in accordance with the types of points, can be roughly divided into three categories, the popular saying is that ordinary, semi synthetic, total synthesis. In the oil change, as long as the "synthesis", it is "normal"".

Oil tanker attenuation is limited for a certain period of "normal" is generally exposed to the air for 3 months or so begins to oxidize, and reduced function. That is, if you are changing the oil after 3 months of not driving stopped at that time should be back once oil. Synthesis is of six months or nine months or so. If driving, domestic general began in 5000 km attenuated. Semi-synthetic general in 7500, total synthesis is generally 10,000 km.
So, from a generally accepted concept, the time to change the oil should look at mileage firstly. 

Ordinary 5000 km
Semi synthetic 7500 km
Total synthesis is of 10000 km.
But the above situation has a prerequisite, that is, the traffic environment does not traffic jam. Some reports will say that in foreign countries are 1-1.5 million km for an oil. It is because he ran up with much land and few people.
The serious traffic jam, gear driving, if one kilometer walk need 3 minutes-walk to stop, (start a file generally reach 2500-3000 turn, pull), calculate on average come down quite in second gear 3000 rpm / min, 1 km of the cumulative oil tank car engine speed may reach 1 million. 

And foreign traffic jams, 5th 2000 rpm, speed per hour can be up to 90 kilometers, total 1 million transfer can run 7.5 kilometers, count normal traffic lights, brake downshift like, 1 million turn at least 4 km run. 
Fuel tank trailer
If tank car engine speed to reach a total of 1000 million, are polished oil began to decay and needed replacement and maintenance, then domestic is 1000 km should change the oil, while abroad it is 4000 km oil change. Although the mileage is not the same, but the speed is the same. (the above is only for example, not the actual standard value) 

The specific oil tank car oil formula, in a certain cumulative speed will decay, so, the oil tanker for oil time should have a relationship with the cumulative speed. Into the domestic environment, the general oil in 4000-5000 km should be replaced, the whole synthesis of 7000-10000, which is equivalent to the foreign 10000-20000 km of oil in the range of the.