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What type of tires should you choose for concrete mixer truck?

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-13

Not long time ago, a customer asked a selection question of concrete mixer truck tires, which makes me remember till now. Maybe a lot of concrete mixer truck users also have the same question today, then let's come together to listen to the public and professional answers Answer .

Users say: Theu have concrete mixer truck of Dongfeng Hercules, Isuzu, Valin and other brands of more than 40 concrete mixer, used tires per year spent nearly one million, mainly before Giti Tire Hualin, Cooper Chengshan, Linglong steel tire and vacuum tire (tire direction), poor road conditions because the site so the tire tread wear is very serious. As a unit purchase, always felt mixer road conditions not suitable for steel tire, compared with nylon tire is more appropriate because the mixer in city driving, the maximum speed will not exceed 60, thus resulting in a bulge phenomenon does not exist bad heat in addition to withstand deep complex traffic patterns, it can also be filled. The steel tire carcass once the wire was tied off, it is basically a waste tire. Nylon tire steel tire than the more suitable mixer, this understanding is correct?

Professional ANSWER: Under mixer road bad situation more suitable for steel tire, because the puncture resistance effect tires mainly rubber selection, followed by construction (wire / wire), if it is the same compound, then steel tire must be better than oblique cross tire stronger. For the user to say "steel tire carcass once the wire was tied off, it is basically a waste tire", in fact, can make steel wire breakage inside the tire, have a certain force to puncture or impact, are too much for steel tire, ramps pay more tire too much, there will be some chance of a flat tire. For tread depth aspect, if the contact of the tire brands and more users will know, often wear of the tread must be very shallow, because the degree of wear of the tire tread and has nothing to do, the key to the production of material for a tire. Mixer can be selected from the following 12 square steel tire or nylon tire according to road conditions, more than 12 square mixer standard steel tire, more stable and reliable transportation.

Mass Answer: Usually the ratio of concrete mixer truck tires mainly to see how the construction of the road, according to the current customers to choose the choice is more
prominent, if construction traffic Jianshih, gravel more time to choose nylon tire, if not too much traffic tip stone, steel tire choice. Further into nylon tire choice 11.00-20 12.00-20 or two types of steel tire choice or 12.00R20 11.00R20 into two kinds.