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What the advantage of Chang Jie refrigerated trucks?

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-12
  Chang Jie is enclosed refrigerated trucks Vans used to transport fresh or frozen goods, the refrigeration unit is equipped with a refrigeration unit and polyurethane insulation car refrigerated transport vehicle, commonly used in the transport of refrigerated food (refrigerated trucks), dairy products (milk truck), fruits and vegetables (fresh produce truck), vaccines medicines (vaccines truck) and the like. 
  Cargo tonnage, traffic, etc., consider the structure of the chassis and carrying capacity, fuel economy, emissions standards. Compared with the choice of ordinary truck chassis, refrigerated trucks also need to focus on to consider the stability of the chassis, refrigerated trucks transport goods usually cannot be stored for long periods of goods, although there are refrigeration equipment, still needs to reach their destination faster. At the same time, refrigerated cargo higher request on the transportation environment, if a failure on the road, lead to goods metamorphism, losses will be very big. 
  Refrigerated trucks envelope different from ordinary van, it needs to have good sealing performance and thermal insulation effect, so as to ensure refrigerated cargo in a stable temperature environment. 

  Refrigerated compartment designed primarily tightness and thermal insulation properties, usually refrigerated trucks structure of three-tier structure, the inner and outer skin of composite materials, such as glass plate, color steel, aluminum and other materials. The boar material should be used differently according to the different cargo transported .Expensive board material should be within a stainless steel plate. Interlayer insulation materials for the main polyurethane foam. Four sides with high-strength glue the glass plate and polyurethane foam bonded together to form a closed section. In addition to the material, the thickness of the cargo box also determines the insulation effect is good or bad, cargo compartment insulation layer thicker, the better the insulation effect, but will reduce the space inside the cargo compartment, cargo loading will be reduced, the user needs according to their actual We need to select the appropriate thickness.

   In these three components of refrigerated trucks, the refrigeration unit is an important part. Because the cargo compartment space is small, the temperature control technology requirements are also higher. High market share of imported brands, US Carrier, Thermo King, Mitsubishi, Denso, speed and Han Guohua, Han snow ice source and other brands. Say good goods are not cheap, and the price of imported refrigerator is also very expensive, like the kind of a semi-trailer refrigerated trucks imported refrigerator, new expensive but also more than ten million. In contrast domestic brands in terms of price advantage is obvious, for price-conscious users, domestic brands is also a good choice. 

Refrigeration unit from the power source can be divided into two kinds of independent and non-independent unit, separate unit has a separate power source, the unit itself independent diesel engine as its power source; rather than stand-alone unit power output is to rely on car chassis to drive the engine. From a cost perspective non-independent refrigeration units and stand-alone refrigeration unit price difference of tens of thousands or more, if relatively abundant on the budget, but also on the inside temperature requirements are relatively low (at least to the desired temperature of minus 10 degrees or less) if the proposed or with stand-alone better.