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What should be paid attention to fire truck parking for long time?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-24

Now with the improvement of living standards, many business units, rural communities have a convenient life, have bought a fire truck / fire sprinkler, especially the fire sprinkler, a multi-purpose, powerful, critical moment can be used to fire, You can sprinkle the road, you can also watering flowers and trees, etc., to improve the quality of life. Dongfeng more and more fire engines, parking has become a problem, vehicle parking is not good, not only prone to accidents, but also damage to the vehicle itself.

Pay attention to clean up carbon deposition. A long time to stop and go, the engine frequently started, the fuel is not fully burned, very easy to produce carbon deposition, making the vehicle's power dropped significantly. Start and stop the system with the vehicle in time to check the engine condition, to avoid a large amount of carbon accumulation, affect the fuel consumption outweighs the gain.

Fire truck manufacturers prompt you: the battery at intervals slow filling. Frequent high-current discharge of the battery, even in the strong battery will have a day of exhaustion, and the car's 12V constant voltage charging and can not "feed" the battery. Therefore, it is recommended that each year the battery constant current slow charge, let it reach enough power, better face all kinds of difficulties. The most important thing is to extend the battery life.