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What should be paid attention on the installation and use of sewage suction truck?

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-10-14

We generally have a variety of decontamination vehicles, a shovel snow truck, suction sewage truck, washing cars, sprinkler, etc. Today, we mainly introduce the next decontamination vehicles, also known as suction sewage truck main function and its installation and use needs Note what? Suction sewage truck and other sanitation systems commonly used in the core components are mainly rotary vane-type steel structure, domestic sewage suction truck after decades of technical updates, suction sewage truck structure is mainly compact and reasonable, the general suction sewage truck mainly by the following Several parts: the pump, rotor and shaft components before and after the pump cover, rotary vane, bearing cap sealing device and slip ring and other components, simple structure, beautiful, easy repair.

Suction sewage truck vacuum pump installation and requirements
Suction sewage truck vacuum pump installation requirements are more stringent, in order to ensure that the suction sewage truck suction sewage truck seal and vacuum pump connection pipe installation welding, first of all to ensure that the link seamless, must first clean the pipe welding slag and dirt and then Pump connection.
Sewage suction truck in the course of the process also need to pay attention to many places in the welding pipe and cleaning slag, the first to be the inlet and outlet lid tightly sealed to prevent contamination of sewage when the dirt into the car, causing the The pump operates or can not rotate.
Install the vacuum pump, the pump needs to be fixed to the ideal position of the car beam, the pump position high and low, left and right, before and after, by the power device output shaft axis line. The connection between the shaft of the pump and the output shaft of the force-taking device shall not be tilted more than 7 degrees and as close as possible to the force-taking device.
In the installation must be gently, should not beat, and violent impact. Generally need to add about 200 milliliters of water before use to clean the vacuum pump oil, combined with hand-operated afterburner rod pump to run on the week. Of course, also choose the correct direction of rotation. If the wrong direction, not only can not play the role of vacuum, the pump will therefore be a certain degree of damage.

Usually the first use of suction sewage truck, the general need for no-load low-speed operation (≤ 300 rpm / 2 minutes), and then check the pump leakage and temperature conditions. According to the suction sewage tank car body volume and engine power difference in the use of suction sewage truck if the vacuum pump speed is too high, the rotor will heat intensified; speed is too low, then it will cause the engine knock, caused by other parts Additional impact, affecting its life, so the appropriate speed, in the use of sewage suction truck plays a vital role in the process.

In addition, sanitation workers in the process of sewage suction truck must be to maintain the stability of the body, to avoid the lifting of the tilt in the hydraulic lift dump, if the lift in the tilt of the hydraulic lift dump, uneven road surface will lead to tilt the body weight to one place , Resulting in distortion of the parts produced there, and to cause a rollover accident.