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What should be paid attention on during handling and transportation of explosion-proof truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-18

Blasting equipment truck called civil explosive truck, explosion-proof truck, gunpowder truck.It is both related to business of production safety, but also related to common public community safety. It is one of key marketing Explosive Materials security. To ensure transportation safety of blasting equipment, we need consider from three aspect of people, machines and environment to particularly fomulate goverance rail system of blasting equipment transporting and seriously organize implementation. Especially since developing civil explosive equipments,there had been added some new aspects of governance factors and distribution of work. Moreover, pay attention to particular situations and timely review and constantly improve governance means to ensure safe for transportation of Explosive Materials.
Blasting equipments transport (including loading and unloading) process is actually active or explosive materials in motion, which is compared to that when they are at rest, there may be more complex or insecurity, of which thrown a number of factors there is a certain randomness, which we are developing preventive measures should be fully taken into account. In general the following measures should be taken in three areas: ① to strengthen drivers, guards, stevedores and related governance and staff with security knowledge and skills educating and training; ② Use transportation compled with national requirements and intact; ③ Development goverance rail system, distribution procedures and manipulation delineated of transport safety.
According to current practice related to the establishment and production of national security, industry executives portion of blasting equipment transport (including loading and unloading) raised some basic requirements, for your reference in the development of rail transport management system or procedure when.
1. loading and unloading:
(1) Staffs engaged in homework handling should be aware of and understand the function of loading and unloading and safety delineated. By training examination, work with certificates. Handling staff should comply with the warehouse management rail system, are not allowed to wear with nails or high-heeled shoes and easy to generate static garment, homework. Staff prohibited the sick and elderly in handling homework, homework staff engaged in handling relatively fixed, obey the command staff or management of the librarian.
(2) Management workers or warehouse keepers should be based on the premise of the type of loading and unloading of goods, the number of loading and unloading sites, weather conditions, to be arranged and explain homework staff work and pay attention to security matters, and the entire process of handling command and monitoring.
(3) Handling homework should be during the day, night homework should have adequate lighting. Inclement weather premise, in case of thunderstorms, strong winds, hail should rest homework.
(4) Workers only are permmitted to manully handle one. If using special transpor trolley,they can transport five once and there are measures to prevent falling. When working, they should pay attention to handle it gently, walking steadily, to prevent the collision or fall box, non-dragging, somersault, throwing, throw put, striking, beating, foot, sit, shocked, reverse package, non-reciprocal
Passed directly in the hands of the package, pay attention to rain and sun during transporting.
(5) Loading and unloading work shall not be less than 2.5m away from warehouse door.Vehicle is prohibited to handling cargo near the doors. Warehouse loading dock should be measures to prevent vehicle collision.
(6) Never unloading conflicting blasting equipment at unloading place. Mutually contradictory non-explosive materials loaded into a unified inside, blasting equipment for loading and unloading the same should also be by car loading and unloading, loading and unloading point can not be unified in the same time two vehicles or two vehicles to cross long homework. Required according to & ldquo; unloading priority, so that light rail vehicles heavy trucks & rdquo; the principle layout of blasting equipment, loading and unloading work.
When a vehicle loading and unloading is done at unloading point, vehicle loading and unloading should be parked away from the loading point 30m outside or within the scope of protection of the embankment.
(7) If blasting equipment boxes is rupture, loosen or fall off the lid, they can not be shipped. Separately place them after carefully removing the packaging. These which are replaced when handling, because the pressure and slightly deformed cartons may consider being put on the upper portion of the stack. When handling pharmaceutical products found spread out, should rest immediately handling homework, under the guidance of the security unit members, will spread drug bags to a safe zone, and sprinkled with places for processing and cleaning agents, can the recovery homework.
(8) While loading, blasting equipment installed shall not exceed the rated load capacity of the vehicle shall not upside down or on its side of box. Normal car (had taken a vehicle anti-theft, fire prevention measures) loading leiguan, boxes stack height is lower than the edge of the car to help the 1/3 cartons gunpowder height of not more than five boxes high and beyond the edge of the package should not exceed the height of help one-third of the height of the box should not be left idle open areas, measures should be taken inside the box to prevent movement collision. After the check, cover tarpaulins, and tied securely, then close the rear door locked; when special vehicles loaded blasting equipment, taking into account transport safety, do not overload factors cartons withstand strength, etc., box stack height does not It should be more than 1.5m, preferably no more than five cartons per stack. Using a dedicated cable ties and hook laden after completion of the boxes fixed, closed and locked the door.
After unloading halfway sector, should immediately adjust the position and height of the package and fix and re-packages to prevent from falling displacement in the vehicle tank.
Civil blasting equipment transport truck with detonator explosion-proof box can carry a few amount of detonatro when carrying amount of powders. But detonator must be required to be placed in a sealed explosion-proof tank(box) and the amount its load can not be allowed more than a single vehicle technology imitation delineated. In order to increase the amount of non-load of mine guan and make alterations, additions or cancellations explosion tank (tank).
(9) Blasting equipment loading and unloading is complete, the librarian and guards should be issued or the number of common inventory of goods received by the delineation fulfill delivery or pick-up procedures.
2, Transportation
(1) transport of all types of blasting equipment should strictly abide by "People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety Law," "People's Republic of China Civil Explosives Control Ordinance" (Guo Fa [1984] No. 5) "dangerous chemicals Management Ordinance" ( State Council Decree No. 344) "road transport of dangerous goods rules" (ship-Fa [1999] No. 1382), "Cars dangerous goods Code" (JT3130-88) of the relevant provisions.
(2) Transport blasting equipment should comply with "Explosives truck safety technology premise" (Science and Industry burst [2001] No. 156) designated special vehicles, should reach a condition scale. Vehicles can not make alterations, not use retreaded tires. In the case of the premise of limited, blasting equipment transport vehicle shall comply with the following states:
① technical condition of vehicles should follow the "safe operation of motor vehicles technical prerequisites" (GB7258) a condition delineated, via annual.
② through strengthening the trunk fence, the car fixed box measures can be closed off with a lock, the door can be alarm. Ray cushion should be laid within the load compartment guan.
③ automobile exhaust has been adjusted to the lower side of the cab and the installation of fire-dome, equipped with no less than 4kg of ammonium phosphate (ABC) dry powder fire extinguishers two.
④ car installed in accordance with national standards delineated & ldquo; dangerous & rdquo; signboards and night transport warning sign.
(3) transport of blasting equipment motorists should have 50,000 kilometers, or more than three years safe driving experience and hold a valid driver's license issued by the transport control section & ldquo; dangerous goods Zhunjia Zheng & rdquo ;, annual examination, understanding traffic safety regulations and blasting equipment transport safety delineated, and job qualifications obtained by blasting equipment safety training examination by the unit after passing the examination before being part of security governance in the delivery of blasting equipment.
(4) Blasting equipment transport trucks should be equipped with blasting equipment lorry guards, guards should be appreciated that a variety of functional and safety features of blasting equipment, grasp the relevant safety precautions and safety defend delineated by the relevant part of the examination to obtain the organization of training posts qualifications, in order to engage blasting equipment escort work after passing the examination by the unit defending section.
Job security guards responsible for transporting the way, and keep the trunk lock key.
(5) Transportation vehicle blasting equipment before each of the bus, the driver should be in conjunction with the security officer of the vehicle engine, steering, transmission, brakes, tires, exhaust pipes, lighting, speakers, fire extinguishers, signs of dangerous goods, wagons, rear door, snow chains (if necessary), and other equipment need to be equipped cases were seized after making sure that qualified (or complete), fill out the inspection records, can only promise the bus load of blasting equipment. After the bus driver should also be inspected these parts of the vehicle after driving, and fill in the specific record out of the bus.
(6) vehicles transport explosive materials in addition to strengthening the usual maintenance, it must also establish a mandatory scheduled maintenance rail system, the time to participate in the annual cross-section of the pipe, so that the vehicle is in good condition. Did not pass the annual inspection of the vehicle shall be conveyed blasting equipment.
(7) of the vehicle shall ensure that the amount of loading before moving the tank to allow the maximum amount of otherwise forbidden to carry fuel or other combustibles. Before the gas station should be closed to ensure engine, hydraulic system no oil, engine oil may not have housing.
(8) blasting equipment load compartment should be kept clean, no oil, no drops, no metal device (member) projections, no debris. Salou has found inside the agent should be wet with water and sprinkle sawdust, and then with a soft broom after the spill was collected for processing in a safe place, and the water washed away the car. As the cargo compartment of an acid, alkali or residues other debris should also be washed after cleaned before being loaded blasting equipment.
Vehicle (9) transporting explosive materials shall hold the public security authorities issued & ldquo; explosives transportation permit & rdquo; on the road, should pay attention to bypassing urban or densely populated areas with honestly difficult to bypass, shall notify the public security organs, according to the specified time and route traffic.
It should control the speed driving, high-speed road speeds of up to 80km / h, general road no more than 40km / h. In case of unfavorable weather, staff vehicles dense areas, poor roads premise, the speed should be reduced even more appropriate. Into the warehouse area, producing zone of the vehicle speed should not exceed 15km / h.
In heavy rain and lightning and other adverse weather conditions - are not allowed to loading out of storage, in transit in case of sandstorm weather fog with a visibility of less than 10m, should rest with. Case of thunderstorms weather, should be empty truck parked in the area, and not far from the edge of the densely populated area of ​​not less than 250m, away from tall trees (wood) not less than 200m, in addition to guards left behind, other staff should withdraw to 200m away.
When two or more vehicles transporting blasting equipment, vehicles should be maintained before and after 50m intervals when the car downhill distance not less than 100m, and other vehicles traveling in the same direction at least to maintain the parking brake can interval.
Each with 160 ~ 180km parking should be an inspection of the vehicle, the driver mainly check the vehicles. Such as the tire pressure is normal, with or without overheating; oil, brake, transmission is normal, identify problems should be dealt with immediately. The main cargo guards inspect the situation. As the trunk closed, with or without signs of theft, lock is normal, whether the displacement of the stacking of goods, boxes piled fixed measures are effective. When on the road away from the rear parking delineated according to certain intervals set up warning signs.
When the vehicle starts and stops, starts and sudden braking suddenly to avoid. The driver should leave the cab tighten the hand brake, closed circuit, lock the door, the vehicle can not be parked on slopes greater than 8% of the road.
(10) Blasting equipment loaded vehicles are not allowed to step in dense population areas, urban areas and towns, living quarters, intersections or sources of ignition four weeks parking. When the vehicle via a railroad crossing, railway signaling and should pay attention to strengthening the observation, in the event by train or by coming period, the vehicle should be parked outside the parking line, or at least away from the railway embankment beyond 5m, is strictly prohibited grab Road travel.
(11) accommodation in transit due to parking reasons, should choose a more secure and remote parking place. Parking place should stay away from power lines, radio transmitters and densely populated areas, dining places can not be observed when the vehicle should be rotated dining. Should serve as guards to guard the vehicle during the night stay, does not allow the loading of explossion-proof truck parked unsupervised way.
(12) When a fault occurs in the way the vehicle, the vehicle should be parked in safer areas, put away the alert, after advise from unrelated staff before starting repairs, maintenance is strictly prohibited flare. If you can not restore a normal state after vehicle repairs, it should immediately seek help, not sick with.
(13) Blasting equipment loaded aboard a vehicle ban other unrelated staff. Staff must not smoke in the car driving, smoking should be away from the way of parking the vehicle 15m away. Do not drink driving, fatigue driving, non-load blasting equipment, vehicles equipped with other items.
(14) in the process of transporting explosive materials, guards can not be off-site, such as the way a safety or theft should be immediately subject to the unit leadership speech, and depending on the timely presentation to the local public security organs.
Such as the transport of dangerous goods cars on fire, police guards at the same time, the situation should be considered after the car driver command prompt bound empty area, away from the car quickly, calling for four weeks while the vehicle, the staff evacuated.
In case of severe accidents in transit, escort staff should be the fastest speed to the local public security, transportation or local government speeches, while begging the establishment of alert, protect the scene, nothing to prevent staff and close to the vehicle, and to prohibit fireworks, prevention of fire or explosion .
Explosives found in transit burglary, loss, recreation should be less traffic stop, an alarm to the local public security departments as soon as possible.
Transit vehicle as a result of the fault can not inherit with the car flip the goods when required, shall be in accordance with the safety requirements, select the appropriate location by handling security requirements unloading, stacking and loading, product flip should prepare to defend warning, prohibit onlookers, to prevent loss.
(15) Blasting equipment production distribution units should develop transport links to major accidents emergency plans, transport process may occur in traffic, explosions, fire, theft and other accidents maneuverability pre-established emergency measures to minimize loss accident.