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What preparations should be done to proctect school bus before driving?

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-12

Everytime ordinary motorists use school bus to just get on and start the engine and drive. In fact,in fact,there are a lit bit preparations that should be done before driving.
1. Preparing works before getting on school bus
We suggest drivers should cultivate a good habit before driving, which is to patrol around school bus and check whether four wheels are full of air pressure or whether there is any obstacle blocking path. After insert your key, simply check whether operation situation is normal, such as lights, horns, brakes, etc., which can prevent school bus from avoiding problems while operating.
2. The preparing works after opening bonnet
In addition to this action, but there are many you can do by yourself after opening bonnet. Develop the habit of that every week to check whether each liquid condition while engine is not hot, for example, pull out the dipstick to see whether the index is between two notches, and check brake fluid, radiator coolant, battery water, etc., which are some measures that you yourself can check security. School bus battery is always to pay attention to the links.None adding water environmental protection battery is not to check the battery water stock, but we must pay attention to the battery side of the status display window, generally green for normal; transparent or no color represents shows that it should be charged as soon as possible;black for most,it can start engine.
In fact, a school bus battery, about normal life of about two years. if it was changed to a new battery and the power weakens rapidly, it may represent a generator (playing that grinding) causing a problem. When replacing batteries, technicians often use a pen to write on the installation date, this day is a good prompt to remind you replace battery time.
3. Often charge air pressure for spare tire
The spare tire is often overlooked.You must know that spare tire stored in the boot is definetely leaked. So either check after the spare tire pressure, usually when the tire to the oil pump gas station, may wish to use a minute or two, the boot is open nursery school bus hit the spare tire cheer pounds cheaper than four multi-line street tire about two pounds.
It must be mentioned that even fullsized spare tire is just for emergency life-saving purposes,or else the next time you re-puncture, open the boot will see a bad tire. Installing school bus rear spare tire also has its approach. the first is to use the tool to screw loosened a little,and then only with jack the car increases, then immediately after the spare tire propulsion vehicle position to avoid sudden failure, the car fell at least have a back-up tire supporting it, and then all the loose screws. Change tires split screws have established order, one starting from the bottom, against Angle by grain loose, installed by a start up, to compete for the same grain tightening, then the car back into the ground so that the four wheels affixed ,and finally forced to tighten the screws.
4. Check tire pressure
When examining school bus tire pressure, the tire should is cold to be carried out, if the tire
running for some time, due to tire rolling temperature rises, the pressure value is not accurate. To know whether the tire leak, in addition to the naked eye to judge, but also can be used tire air meter measurement, very accurate. See Digital tire air school bus owner's manual or attached to the car stickers. The labels affixed to the majority of the oil in the cylinder head or the driver's door.
5. Pay attention to the replacement of water paddles
If you find water dialing is not smooth when starting nursery school bus, hearing or feeling
sound of water allocated scratch, it would have to replace the water picks up as soon as possible. Most nursery school bus models of water can be purchased at auto dial boutiques and even petrol stations. Car pooling money all will be set out, or you can measure with a ruler the length of the existing water allocated according to size can be assigned to. Replacement method is very simple, as long as the correct position before you dial the demolition of the old water out carefully look at the installation, you can easily put on. The vast majority of the world's school bus manufacturers are using the same type of water-dial buttons, so there is little chance of appearing a problem.