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What kind of curing agent can be used in small refrigerated trucks

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2017-03-04
Small refrigerated car chassis sound insulation, rust inhibitor is a rubber as the basic material of a rust inhibitor for the car chassis sound insulation, rust treatment, with anti-corrosion, sound insulation effect. Spray the surface in the vertical direction without dripping.
   JAC van refrigerated trucks manufacturer  
(1) small refrigerated car care rust, rust type.
 1) dry rust inhibitor. The product can stay for a long time on the surface of the object without fading, temperature up to 300 ℃; with the rust part of the oxidation, remove the corrosion, so that it will never rust.
 2) special anti-rust agent. It is a grease anti-rust agent, can prevent the ignition coil leakage, quickly restore its original characteristics; remove the strong moisture, to prevent the formation of rust, protect the surface, so that the new pollution can not be formed.
 3) molybdenum disulfide rust inhibitor. The rust inhibitor can remove the strong rust and dirt, washing and squeezing gum, resin dirt, in the metal surface to form molybdenum disulfide protective film, to prevent rolling sound, to rust, rust, lubrication effect.
 4) transparent protection of anti-rust resin. It protects the metal from rust and corrosion, in order to maintain its original appearance.
(2) small refrigerator chassis anti-rust characteristics and use.
 1) aluminum spray. It has anti-rust function, temperature up to 650 ℃, can be used for exhaust pipe, wheels and aluminum metal surface.
 2) zinc spray. It has enhanced metal surface rust and corrosion protection, and has good conductivity, can be used for spot welding.
 3) SKS anti-collision paint (black, milky white). This paint is water-based, can prevent stone,
The impact of gravel and destruction of the chassis and paint off, corrosion. Can be used for fender, chassis,
 4) Stopping primer. It is a permanent rust inhibitor, can prevent metal corrosion again
 5) spray-type anti-collision paint. This paint is spray-type, for local or slit, work.
 7) nitrocellulose surface coating agent. It is particularly suitable for minor local repairs, quick-drying,
 8) body rust protection wax (with 1000mL and 500mL installed). Applicable to the internal bonding of the sheet metal and the inner wall of the door, the fender board and the car inside the anti-rust treatment.